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    • Alpha III

    Alpha III Reel Series

    Alpha III Reel Series

    Product Description

    The Alpha III looks similar to its predecessor, the Alpha II, but that's where the similarities stop.  The Alpha III was built on the success of the Alpha II, maintaining its spot as our go-to rugged big game reel!

    The Alpha III is fully machined from only the highest quality aluminum barstock, with vastly improved tolerances over the Alpha II.  Our improved anodization leaves the reel with an attractive scratch and corrosion resistant finish. The dependable, proprietary, bearing-less disc drag system (patent pending) has been enclosed to be protected from damaging sediment and debris.

    The Alpha III is an ideal reel for both fresh and saltwater applications, on both traditional single hand rods and two-handers! Includes protective neoprene pouch


    • Fully machined aluminum spool and frame
    • Cork disc drag system
    • large arbor spool
    • Click retrieve and click drag
    • Bearing-less disc drag system
    • Easily converts from left to right hand retrieve


    Model Reel Dia Weight Spool Depth Spool Width Reel Capacity Size Suggestions Price
    3 3.85" 7.6oz
    2.05" 1.00" 8wt WFF + 200yd 30lb backing 7wt to 9wt WFF
    350gr to 500gr Shooting Heads
    4 4.25" 8.1oz
    2.24" 1.20" 10wt WFF + 250yd 30lb backing 9wt to 12wt WFF
    500 to 700gr Shooting Heads


    Product Reviews

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    1. Permanent Spot in my reel arsenal Rating

      Posted by Ed Stergar on 30th Nov 2016

      The Alpha III reel exceeded any expectations that I had of a 7wt reel. On a recent trip to FL to fish the Everglades I was in search of Snook and Redfish. Well the reds weren't very cooperative so the guide trekked us into the back water for some snook and found juvenile Tarpon. Alpha III worked like a champ, drag system locked down a running tarpon and held tight an a big snook. Thoroughly impressed!! I'd put this reel against any of the much higher priced reels. Great looking too!!
      I will defiantly recommend the Alpha III and any other Allen product to my fly fishing friends.

    2. Another Best reel collected Rating

      Posted by Don F. on 21st Sep 2016

      I swore to myself that I will never buy another reel brand for as long as i can buy a fly reel.My loyalty goes to Allen Fly Reels. The Alpha 3 is my second Allen reel and for sure will not be the last one! To me, all Allen reels are the best. I have the Kraken as my first fly reel and now owned another best reel. Just like my Kraken reel, Alpha 3 has the smoothest drag. The reel feels solid and it feels unbreakable and light for an 8-9 wt size. its not only the reel that is the best but also the customer service that the Allen Fly Fishing staff provides their customers. I salute you Allen Fly Fishing.

    3. Attention Getter Rating

      Posted by Andrew Wilson on 19th Sep 2016

      This is by far my most versatile, best looking, and best quality reel I own! I would put the alpha up against any other reel on the market of the same value and expect it to perform just as well if not better. The drag is smooth and just feels like a fine tuned machine. Its looks are stunning and goes great with my volant 10' 4wt. I couldnt be any happier with it.

    4. Almost too nice to use ! Rating

      Posted by Washington Johnson Victoria, B.C. on 26th Apr 2016

      What fine workmanship ! l am getting myself a Kraken series for the bigger game, Altough l think that Alpha lll 8wt can probably handle the bigger fish, but l want another rod and reel for the bigger steel head. And and smaller rig from trout streams. But for now l will use my Compass 9'- 8wt rod & reel setup. l am still new to game, but have plaayed a bit before. And l love learning all the new things about flyfishing and nature !

    5. Great reel and great value. Rating

      Posted by Pat Higgins on 17th Apr 2016

      I have 2 Alpha's and both have performed above expectations!! My size 4 has handle baby Tarpon, bones and snook, and the size 3 help land many carp and pike. There is more under the hood than you would expect for this price.

    6. Alpha III Rating

      Posted by Gian DiBella on 3rd Apr 2016

      Outstanding instructional tool for the guide or average fly angler. We have a fleet of reels at Operation Home Shores, Inc. Our mission is getting outdoors with veterans in need of recreation therapy, and Allen Fly Fishing has provided the best tools every step of the way.

    7. 3yrs saltwater tested in Hawaii Rating

      Posted by Christopher L Yee on 26th Mar 2016

      RELIABLE is one of the many words I used to describe this reel. I've owned this reel for 3 years bonefishing in Hawaii and rarely rinsed or maintenance it because of how lazy I am. To this day, the reel performs flawlessly and the drag still holds up to bonefish running 200 yds in 3 seconds. It performs as good as it looks!

    8. great reel Rating

      Posted by gary on 22nd Mar 2016

      the looks great and work amazingly . I can't wait to go play with again

    9. THE smoothest reel I've owned. Rating

      Posted by Shawn Houston on 18th Dec 2015

      I ordered this reel about a month ago after having the drag blow out on two Okuma reels on..4 steelhead, yes 4 and then proceeding to watch my friend lose a fish to his drag locking up on the same reel. One blew out after a single fish and the next after 3. Only one of those fish were even close to being worthy of a reel ruining blowout.

      This is by far the smoothest reel and drag system is just butter smooth. Best reel I've had on my rod to date. I bought an extra spool, free backing, and have one spooled up with 7wt and the other with 9wt. 20+ fish later, countless hours on the creek, dips in the water, shale, gravel, you name it, and it's like I just took it out of the box. Get some creek gravel in the reel? No problem...a quick dip and it's back to like new instantly. The finish and paint have held up perfectly even when tipping or sliding down all that lovely sharp shale. I would highly recommend this reel to anyone. Best bang for your buck you will find and you won't be disappointed.

    10. excellent reel Rating

      Posted by Unknown on 30th Oct 2015

      I purchased the alpha 3 for my steelhead trip in Washington. I got the chance to put a few 2 salt fish on the reel and was very impressed with the drag. Easy adjustment while fighting fish, but also you can turn that drag so nothing is pulling any line out. Went with the blue and red looks awesome matched up on my Allen compass 8wt. Had Allen put backing on my reel which I usually don't like to do, but they put almost the perfect amount on for me to just put my fly line to the reel. great reel for a great price!!! I would say the only thing I would change is going with the deluxe pouch cause the standard one seems a little small for the reel.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 69 | Next

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