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    Compass Rod Series

    Compass Rod Series

    Product Description

    The Compass was developed to give maximum performance and value without breaking the bank.  A great rod for casters and anglers of all skill levels!  The medium fast action is well suited to a variety of line types and fishing applications. The rod is finished to our high standards with a blue gray blank and tightly woven green wraps, for a look that is as unique as it is attractive.  

    • Action: Medium Fast
    • Blank color - Steel blue   Wrap color - Dark Green
    • Inlcudes rod tube
    • Composite wood reel seat on non-fighting butt models
    • Anodized aluminum reel seat and fighting butt on 9' 8wt
    • Lifetime Warranty


    Length Size (Line Wt.) Sections Weight (oz.) Fighting Butt Cork Grip Price
    8'6" 4 4 3.17   Half Wells $99
    9' 5 4 3.70   Half Wells $99
    9' 6 4 4.03   Half Wells $99
    9' 8 4 4.58 Y Wells $109


    Return Policy:

    With all of our rods; if you receive the rod, and it's not for you, you can return the unused (plastic still on cork) for a full refund or exchange.

    This is the weight of the complete, finished rod.  Our weights may appear to be heavier than other manufacturers, but this is because we have chosen to give the weight of the rod as it arrives to you.  This is not how many other brands classify their weights. 

    Product Reviews

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    1. Smooth action Rating

      Posted by Toadfish on 30th Jul 2017

      I was fishing a beloved, older european medium action graphite rod that met an unfortunate end. I acquired a replacement faster action rod, but wasn't feeling the love. A friendly stranger on a local small creek suggested Allen. I bought the 4 wt. Compass with modest expectations. This rod fishes like a much higher priced rod. I am more than satisfied. It helps that I caught a small brown on my first cast. Your results may vary, but the Compass has a very smooth action that is right for me. I'm keeping an extra agreeable beverage in my coolerr in case I see that stranger again.

    2. fantastic Rating

      Posted by chris on 9th May 2017

      Super rod with a lovely action goes perfect with my alpha 3 reel

    3. Top-notch! Rating

      Posted by Marc on 3rd Mar 2017

      I took this to Silver Creek, AZ on my first outing with this rod. It roll casted well, allowing me to precisely plop my woolly booger near the far bank. It also handled a two-fly rig with no hang-ups. And when I hooked into those trout over 20," it had the flexibility to allow the surges, yet it was firm enough to bring em in. Great rod for the price! I can't wait to try some catfish!

    4. Rod feels just the way it is described Rating

      Posted by Unknown on 28th Feb 2017

      I purchased the 6wt rod as a lighter set up for inshore saltwater fishing. Works really great and casts with ease, even into the wind. Very impressed.

    5. Completely took me by surprise Rating

      Posted by Snooking Good on 21st Feb 2017

      Well I have been a fan of a famous high end rod maker for many years. I say this in order to qualify my review. I recently purchased the Allen Compass 8wt mainly because two seemingly reasons; one I liked the color, and two the price is great.
      Within 3 to 4 days I received the rod. Put a high end reel on it and tried it out. At first glance, the rod feels light and had what I call a hollow feel to it if that even makes sense. But as soon as I started casting it came to life. I was really surprised and my expectations were exceeded. I was throwing nice tight loops and placing the fly right on target. Please note that I prefer what today is categorized as medium-fast rods, it's what suits my casting style.
      I normally fish South Florida for a wide variety of game fish. I still have to check the fighting capabilities of this rod against some serious acrobatic fish. I have a feeling that it will perform well.
      For the cost of this rod it delivers performance as such of others I have owned that cost five and six times as much. For a beginner this will be a rod that will help start a passion without breaking the bank.
      Good luck and tight loops

    6. great all around rod Rating

      Posted by hank on 11th Feb 2017

      I own the compass 8wt and love it, I can comfortably cast 10"+ streamers for pike and then in turn toss 1" leeches for steel head as well, this spring I will be retiring my phlueger 5wt and buying a compass 4wt to have a matching dry fly/Creek rod. 5 stars guys I'm quite impressed. I also run allens chest waders and do they ever withstand alot, 2.5 years and going not a single leak and fished almost everyday.

    7. Great Rod. Rating

      Posted by ray on 16th Oct 2016

      I purchased the 4wt. What a beautiful rod, extremely well made and superbly finished. On it's first outing my daughter used it and from the first moment you could tell she was far happier casting this than her previous rod.

      When I finally prised it from her fingers I could tell why, the feel in the rod is great, it gives a real indication of what is happening whether you are casting, retrieving or fighting a determined fish. She was first to christen the rod properly and she landed a superb 2lb+ blue trout.

      If my experience is anything to go by the only thing I can add is, if there is a chance you will loan this rod out when you buy it, you had best buy two, because you probably won't get it back!

    8. unbeatable for the price. Rating

      Posted by Jesse Darosa on 12th Oct 2016

      Bought this rod in a 6 wt, was able to cast far with minimal effort and the rod is super strong and unbelievably flexible.
      Handled big sea trout no problem in iceland. You can check out my video on instagram and see for yourself "iamdros".
      All fish were caught on this rod. You wont be dissapointed.

    9. Compass 8 Weight Feels a Bit Too Bulky and Stiff Rating

      Posted by J. Wells on 11th Apr 2016

      When I purchased my Compass 6 weight, I picked up an 8 weight at the same time. I had no idea what to expect with these rods but I wanted to compare. I found the 8 weight rod to "feel" totally different than the 6 weight. Much heavier, more stiff, and a seemingly different action (perhaps that's exactly what was intended). Note that I am not criticizing the quality of this rod and that this review is not based on anything more than my personal expectations and preferences. However from a "feel" perspective, I prefer my Compass 6 weight, my more expensive Orvis Clearwater 8 weight, and my less expensive Scientific Anglers 7-8 weight.

    10. Very Happy With the Compass 6 Weight Rating

      Posted by J. Wells on 11th Apr 2016

      To match my Kraken 2 reel, I purchased the Compass rod based on customer reviews of both Allen Fly Fishing and the Compass rod itself. After using the rod for a full season, I was impressed with it. Casting smaller flies for panfish and bass, as well as throwing medium-sized pike flies seemed consistently comfortable. Very happy with this rod.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 40 | Next

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