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    J100BL - Jig, Nymph, Barbless, Thin WIre

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    Product Description

    Jig hook, great for nymphs to be fished under an indicator.

    Finish: Black Nickel

    Sold in packs of 25

    Product Videos

    Fly Tying: TCs Black Stonefly (14:40)
    During this tutorial, I demonstrate a few methods used on a great all-around nymph pattern, the stonefly. Featured in the video are J100BL jig hooks from Allen Fly Fishing (http://www.allenflyfishing.com/copy-of-w501bl-wet-fly-nymph-1xl-barbless/), which are extremely effective to fish with, especially when desiring a drag-free drift, with or without an indicator. This pattern can be fished with many methods, including czech nymphing and when utilizing the hopper-dropper. Thanks for viewing, and feel free to leave all comments/questions on this page or email me:tcammisa@gmail.com
    • Fly Tying: TCs Black Stonefly
      During this tutorial, I demonstrate a few methods used on a gr...
    • Fly Tying: John Barr's Meat Whistle
      For this tutorial, I chose a great streamer that is known to c...
    • Fly Tying: Bloody Mary Nymph Pattern
      For this tutorial, I chose a fly that has an extremely traditi...
    • Fly Tying: The Frenchie Jig Nymph
    • Fly Tying: Napoleon's Dynamite jig nymph
    • Fly Tying: Prince Nymph for European Nymphing

    Product Reviews

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    1. If you like catching

      Posted by Ryan on 19th Oct 2014

      Allen's J100BL is a wonderful hook for a great price. I have been tying all kinds of my original productive patterns on Allen's barbless hooks. This jig is one of my favorites!

    2. Awesome Hooks

      Posted by Jeff on 14th Oct 2014

      The best and most economical hooks I have ever purchased. Love the shape and hooking ability of the fish without killing them to remove the hooks. Hook design enhances the ability to tie your flies and still have plenty of open gap to hook the fish.

    3. Euro nymph hooks

      Posted by Dale on 21st Jul 2014

      These are great hooks for tying Euro nymphs on. Super Sharp. Great price. What more could you ask for?

    4. Great price on quality hooks

      Posted by Dale Craft on 26th Jun 2014

      I just received my order on these hooks to try. Sharp is an understatement!!! I thought at these prices I would just get a so-so hook but was greatly mistaken. These hooks are super sharp and very strong, right up there with the more expensive ones that I won't be buying anyone. Allen hooks will be my go to hooks from now on. Very happy with the product and the very fast shipping!!!!

    5. good hooks

      Posted by peter on 5th Jun 2014

      Good hooks, great value. However the product is the exact same size as umpqua size 16 barbless jig hooks. As well as the size 16 competition hooks. So if you are trying to find a smaller size than what is normally available, this is not it.

    6. Great

      Posted by Unknown on 13th May 2014

      I would rather spend my money on lots of stuff. Rather than less. So when i can save $, Im all for it.
      Great hooks for a great price. I catch some pretty big fish using these in still water. Never had a problem.

    7. Awsome Hook

      Posted by Bob Stapel on 9th May 2014

      A dream to tie with, but be careful not to hook yourself!!! I was amazed at the quality for the price. No point paying more because I doubt you will find better hooks.

    8. Stillwater

      Posted by Mike Guymon on 22nd Apr 2014

      Best set-up for Still-water ever. Indicator and a jig fly. Horizontal presentation. Fish cannt resist.
      Great price for a great fly.
      Use in moving water also.

    9. Rock Solid

      Posted by Jonathan on 22nd Apr 2014

      I hesitated to get these because they were barbless but after receiving them, tying on them and fishing with them, don't let that stop you. I used to prefer 90 degree bends but the way the eyes tie to the 60 has me sold. They have a nice wide gap and a needle sharp point. I've tied everything from jiggy stones to micro leaches on them sizes 8-10. It takes a bit more time to tie on jig style hooks, doing everything upside down, but I lose easily half as many flies with the point riding up so its worth the extra time. I plan to try the 12's and 14's this summer but couldn't be happier with the larger sizes

    10. Best jig hook on the market

      Posted by Clark Pierce on 10th Mar 2014

      You could pay $10 for 25 jig hooks, or you could just buy these. They are easily in the same ballpark as Umpqua series hooks. Needle points, and very strong shanks.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 29 | Next

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