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    Kraken Reel Series

    Kraken Reel Series

    Product Description

    The Kraken reel series from Allen Fly Fishing is the best value for the money in the industry. The predecessor to this reel already boasted a lightweight, fully machined package with an impressively smooth yet powerful drag. The large arbor and “U”-shaped spool is ideal for fighting large fish and for dealing with any runs into the backing. Improvements to the drag housing have eased access for reversibility while maintaining a full gasket seal. Ranging from size II to V, the Kraken series is capable of everything from small-stream trout fishing to adult tarpon and giant trevally, and available in a suite of colors from classic to eye-catching. It’s no wonder this reel series has quickly become our best seller: for the performance it provides, it should be twice the price!!


    • Fully machined aluminum spool and frame
    • Stacked carbon and cork drag system
    • Sealed drag
    • large arbor, U-cut spool
    • Click retrieve and click drag
    • Easily converts from left to right hand retrieve


    Model Reel Dia Weight Spool Depth Spool Width Reel Capacity Size Suggestions Price
    2 3.56" 5.70oz 0.77" 1.12" 5wt WFF + 165yd 20lb backing 5wt to 6wt WFF
    275 to 350gr Shooting Heads
    3 3.81" 6.25oz 0.83" 1.18" 8wt WFF + 200yd 30lb backing 7wt to 9wt WFF
    350gr to 500gr Shooting Heads
    4 4.10" 8.05oz 0.88" 1.38" 10wt WFF + 250yd 30lb backing 9wt to 12wt WFF
    500 to 600gr Shooting Heads
    5 4.45" 8.90oz 0.88" 1.58" 12wt WFF + 300yd 30lb backing 12wt to 14wt WFF
    600gr to 1000gr Shooting Heads


    Product Reviews

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    1. Kraeken Toe Wah Rating

      Posted by Washington Johnson on 3rd Jan 2017

      Love the Kraeken Looks great in Black with Charteuse
      Smooth as butter reeling !

    2. Great reel Rating

      Posted by Jeff on 1st Jan 2017

      Reel looks great and is very strong!!

    3. LOVE THEM!! Rating

      Posted by bassmaster_1964@hotmail.com on 26th Dec 2016

      This is the seventh Allen fly reel I've bought, and the fifth Kraken! This one was for my son who is brand new to fly fishing and he wanted the same outfit as my six weight outfit which was the first fly rod he'd ever cast! Talk about a natural!!! He picked it up so quickly! I bought him the Kraken 2 and as usual, it's every bit as awesome as my other Allen reels. Sure anglers can spend a lot more money on other reels out there, but honestly, why would you? For my son and I, we're exclusively Allen fly reel only fly anglers!

    4. Bone On Fishing and Outdoor Apparel Rating

      Posted by Bone On Fishing and Outdoor Apparel on 5th Dec 2016

      If there is a go to set of reels that perform as we journey out it is the Kraken! we beat up there gear and are always moving and always chasing

    5. Amazing Quality Rating

      Posted by Pierson Monetti on 8th Nov 2016

      This is such an amazing reel for the price. Tolerances and machining are top notch. Drag has a wide range of adjustment for light tippets. For being a sealed "saltwater reel" i would have liked it to have a smaller spool width and larger spool diameter. The size 3 just seems a little small and wide for an 8 wt and doesn't quite have the line pickup speed i like for fast saltwater species. They seemed to have achieved this in the new Atlas reel which is my favorite. But all in all this is a great reel for a great price. While i love the eye catching colors of Allen's reels, i would like to see classic gold and silver option for all of their models. Black is boring and neon green is too aggressive for me.

    6. Everything I Expected Rating

      Posted by slaynpow@gmail.com on 29th Oct 2016

      Well made reel, drag is smooth and consistent, defenetly a bang for your buck. Very happy with the sealed drag and the overall quality of the product.

    7. Great Reel !! Rating

      Posted by Ralph Juergensen on 24th Oct 2016

      I bought the Kraken Reel last year, used it once for Steelhead. This year I broke it out for Salmon and hooked into a few, coming from a spin rod and reel set up it took a little getting used to the reel and the drag. After getting used to it I landed a 20lb. Salmon and had a great day of fishing!! This reel is amazing especially for the price, the drag was easy to get used to and I just really enjoyed the fights I had !! I would highly recommend the Kraken Reel, high quality product for a Great price!

    8. 30 LB King Salmon were no match Rating

      Posted by jake doyon on 14th Oct 2016

      Used this reel in NY for King and Coho Salmon. I caught 6 king salmon on this reel as well as a coho. Drag did not slip once (as my dads generic brand reel did) and it had awesome stopping power and just overall held up awesome to the abuse that those fish put it through. This reel has also held up to saltwater striper fishing, and even was able to withstand the run from a blue shark that would've burnt the drag on almost any other reel.


    9. plenty of drag to stop the big salmon. Rating

      Posted by Unknown on 27th Sep 2016

      Got this reel to use for big browns salmon and steelhead. So far it's worked out great. I'm finally able to slow these big fish down some without just using my hand as a break.

    10. Awesome Rating

      Posted by Spencer on 19th Sep 2016

      Love this reel. So smooth. Amazing drag. Very happy consumer!

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