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    Kraken Reel Series

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    Product Description

    The Kraken reel series from Allen Fly Fishing is the best value for the money in the industry. The predecessor to this reel already boasted a lightweight, fully machined package with an impressively smooth yet powerful drag. The large arbor and “U”-shaped spool is ideal for fighting large fish and for dealing with any runs into the backing. Improvements to the drag housing have eased access for reversibility while maintaining a full gasket seal. Ranging from size II to V, the Kraken series is capable of everything from small-stream trout fishing to adult tarpon and giant trevally, and available in a suite of colors from classic to eye-catching. It’s no wonder this reel series has quickly become our best seller: for the performance it provides, it should be twice the price!!


    Model Reel Dia Weight Spool Depth Spool Width Reel Capacity Size Suggestions Price
    2 3.56" 5.70oz 0.77" 1.12" 5wt WFF + 165yd 20lb backing 5wt to 6wt WFF
    275 to 350gr Shooting Heads
    3 3.81" 6.25oz 0.83" 1.18" 8wt WFF + 200yd 30lb backing 7wt to 9wt WFF
    350gr to 500gr Shooting Heads
    4 4.10" 8.05oz 0.88" 1.38" 10wt WFF + 250yd 30lb backing 9wt to 12wt WFF
    500 to 600gr Shooting Heads
    5 4.45" 8.90oz 0.88" 1.58" 12wt WFF + 300yd 30lb backing 12wt to 14wt WFF
    600gr to 1000gr Shooting Heads


    Product Reviews

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    1. Incredible Reel!

      Posted by Craig on 5th Oct 2015

      Loving my Kraken so far! The drag is awesome! I've been really impressed with the tolerances and quality of the machining of the reel overall. Fantastic buy for any fly fisherman. I'm actually thinking of picking up a new rod as a result, the Kraken makes me feel like my Cabelas rod is completely inferior to what Allen has to offer!

    2. Really Nice!

      Posted by Rick on 2nd Sep 2015

      The red colour on the Kraken is very nice - definitely not too orang-ey.
      This is my second one and it has performed very well on salmon off the beach in the Pacific Northwest.
      Note that the drag knob has been upgraded with larger cogs to make it easier to adjust it while fighting fish.

    3. The Best Reel I own and I own quite a few.

      Posted by Dominic DeBlassie on 29th Aug 2015

      This is the best reel I own and I own 2-Abel Reels, Orvis Hydros, Orvis Mirage, Nautalis, and several others.
      This is my favorite reel. Exceptional quality. very smooth drag.
      definitely worth every penny!
      Wow! What a value.

    4. No complaints here.

      Posted by Logan B on 24th Aug 2015

      Although I've admittedly never gotten to use any ultra high dollar reels and relatively new, I don't see how any other reel could make me happier. Having just tried it out in a pond on a few LMB I cant wait to stretch its legs and hook into something with some shoulders. The drag seems great, even at higher loads. The reel feels tight as can be and the finish is great.

    5. Smooth as Butter!

      Posted by Cierra Bennetch on 1st Aug 2015

      I bought the Dorado to go with my Rock River Rods "Lug Pro" 8wt because the colors went well together and not only is it a beautiful set up it is sooooo smooth! I haven't used the reel much and didn't get to land anything on it yet but so far I'm extremely impressed with it. The Kraken is like holding a feather, it's so light weight. It was my first Allen Reel and I like it so much I'm going to purchase a Trout II in Burnt Orange to go with a Custom Blue Halo Fiberglass Rod I'm having built

    6. Incredibly smooth, durable reel

      Posted by Mike Fallon on 13th Jul 2015

      I fished the Kraken #3 for Stripers this season in Massachusetts. It performed flawlessly in the salt and the drag was smooth as can be. The #3 was a perfect fit for a 9' 8wt, I also used it on my 4 and 5 wt switch rods for trout and balanced them great as well. At first I was concerned about the mid sized arbor but it picks up line pretty darn quickly and I don't think you could make a smoother reel. Awesome reel, If you're thinking about it, I highly recommend picking one up!

    7. Excellent Reel - The best Customer Service

      Posted by Humberto Sarmiento on 6th Jul 2015

      The Kraken Reel is the best with an Excellent Cost-Benefit Ratio. The Drag is smooth and construction is solid. I bought it in Dorado Color and looks amazing.

      The customer Service of Allen is the best around, they always be there if you need something and work in your needs.

    8. Allen's customer services 100%

      Posted by James on 15th Jun 2015

      I received the Kraken 3 in Emerald on Thursday of last week. I loved the feel look and everything about it! The very next day I received an email from Allen advertising the Kraken in Red!! Red? At first I liked the red better than the Emerald. At like 2:00 pm on Saturday I replied to the Allen email thinking for sure it would go to there junk mail and never get answered. I asked how did I miss the red color in my selection??? I added that I received my reel and liked it,,on and on... In about 10 min. I received a reply from Kyle informing me that If I would like the red just send back the Emerald and he would gladly send it to me. He explained that the red was released on Friday and I had just missed it. All in all I ended up keeping the Emerald however, it sure is nice to know there is a company that will respond in this manner with no strings attached no answering services in India just an employee probably with his phone on Saturday talking one on one with there customers. Email Orvis and see how far that gets you!

    9. Kraken Reel

      Posted by paul conklin on 26th May 2015

      I had clients use the Kraken 3 for steelhead on the Great Lakes tribs and it preformed as well as any high end reel out on the market. The Kraken had a great drag system, start up is very smooth and worked flawlessly even under the worse conditions. I highly recommend it!

    10. Most impressive fishing product I've ever purchased

      Posted by Scott on 24th May 2015

      This is an absolutely awesome reel at a price that makes me wonder how they did it...super smooth retrieve and drag, looks way cooler in person than I could've imagined. Also the only peice of fly fishing gear I've felt the need to review because it's that good, if you need a saltwater reel this is it. I used to really want a Sage 4200, I'd sooner buy two Krakens or maybe even the XLA.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 104 | Next

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