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    Kraken Reel Series

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    Product Description

    The Kraken delivers on all criteria laid out by our guides and pros who get their thrills from pursuing the biggest, fastest fish this sport has to offer.  Featuring our first sealed drag system, it is ready to take on whatever situation your freshwater and saltwater situation calls for.  With its incredibly lightweight design machined from aerospace grade barstock aluminum, you'll be able to hold the arm fatigue at bay without sacrificing structural integrity.  The Kraken is also our first reel to feature a V cut spool to guide your backing on evenly during your most high speed fish battles!

    The Kraken features one of our proprietary drag systems.  Redesigned for increased power and protection from the elements. 

    We will load your reel with backing and line for free!  When you select backing and a line on the menus above, you will be charged a discounted price for both backing and line with no charge for putting it on the reel!  Be sure to pick which direction you need the retrieve so that we load it up correctly for you!


    Model Diameter Weight Spool Depth Spool Width Reel Capacity Size Suggestions Price
    2  3.56"  5.70oz  1.50"  1.12" 5wt WFF + 165yd 20lb backing 5wt to 6wt WFF
    275 to 350gr Shooting Heads


    3  3.81"  6.25oz  1.65"  1.18" 8wt WFF + 200yd 30lb backing 7wt to 9wt WFF
    350gr to 500gr Shooting Heads
    4  4.10"  8.05oz  1.85"  1.38" 10wt WFF + 250yd 30lb backing 9wt to 12wt WFF
    500 to 600gr Shooting Heads


    5  4.45"  8.90oz  2.17"  1.58" 12wt WFF + 300yd 30lb backing 12wt to 14wt WFF
    600gr to 1000gr Shooting Heads


     updated 9/04/13

    Product Reviews

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    1. Allen's customer services 100%

      Posted by James on 15th Jun 2015

      I received the Kraken 3 in Emerald on Thursday of last week. I loved the feel look and everything about it! The very next day I received an email from Allen advertising the Kraken in Red!! Red? At first I liked the red better than the Emerald. At like 2:00 pm on Saturday I replied to the Allen email thinking for sure it would go to there junk mail and never get answered. I asked how did I miss the red color in my selection??? I added that I received my reel and liked it,,on and on... In about 10 min. I received a reply from Kyle informing me that If I would like the red just send back the Emerald and he would gladly send it to me. He explained that the red was released on Friday and I had just missed it. All in all I ended up keeping the Emerald however, it sure is nice to know there is a company that will respond in this manner with no strings attached no answering services in India just an employee probably with his phone on Saturday talking one on one with there customers. Email Orvis and see how far that gets you!

    2. Kraken Reel

      Posted by paul conklin on 26th May 2015

      I had clients use the Kraken 3 for steelhead on the Great Lakes tribs and it preformed as well as any high end reel out on the market. The Kraken had a great drag system, start up is very smooth and worked flawlessly even under the worse conditions. I highly recommend it!

    3. Most impressive fishing product I've ever purchased

      Posted by Scott on 24th May 2015

      This is an absolutely awesome reel at a price that makes me wonder how they did it...super smooth retrieve and drag, looks way cooler in person than I could've imagined. Also the only peice of fly fishing gear I've felt the need to review because it's that good, if you need a saltwater reel this is it. I used to really want a Sage 4200, I'd sooner buy two Krakens or maybe even the XLA.

    4. Fantastic reel, great service

      Posted by John Pethick on 3rd May 2015

      I recently received my new Kraken size 4 reel, easily fitted 300m of Fins Braid and a 10# Intermediate line on it. Only fished it a couple of times yet, the drag is very smooth. I can't wait to try it out on some Xmas Is GT's. The service from Allen has been fantastic, thanks to Kyle. The postage cost to Australia was much lower than some other retailers and the reel got here quickly. Top marks to Allen for bringing such good products to us at good prices, add in the top level of support and Allen has what it takes to become a significant part of the fly world. I am happy to recommend the gear to all my friends.

    5. The Kraken drew a crowd

      Posted by Odie on 28th Apr 2015

      Dropped off my recently purchased Kraken 2 to a local fly shop to get it spooled with backer and line and returned to find three of their employees passing it back and forth between each other, reveling over the quality and the smooth drag. I think I just flipped those guys into buying Allen reels !!!!

      Performance on the stream was stellar. Nothing better than having a decent sized trout taking line and making my Kraken scream. Great look, great quality, great drag..................Awesome reel.

    6. Kraken Sweetness

      Posted by Stripminer on 27th Apr 2015

      I only got to use this reel once for striped bass in CT and I am very happy with my purchase. I put it on my nine weight rod and found that it balanced perfectly after practice casting it in my yard. Once I got to the water another fisherman saw my gear and commented "You must know what you're doing because that looks like some serious gear". So, feeling very full of myself I proceeded to start casting for fish, Well the guy in the parking lot was wrong. I forgot to properly tighten the reel onto the rod and on cast number 5 my brand new reel got a nice saltwater bath, yup fully submerged, so much for knowing what I am doing. Well the fishing was slow, but I did get the skunk off, catching the only striper in a group of 8 guys. The good news, I took the reel apart to find fully sealed elements that were easy to wash and dry. I have zero concerns that the salt water bath did any damage. The reel has a nice size arbor, balanced with my nine weight and made me look like a good fisherman. What else could you ask for?

    7. Great service and product

      Posted by Derek M on 26th Apr 2015

      Received the reel well ahead of schedule and very pleased. The reel is light, top performance and a pleasure to fish... Thank You Allen Fly Fishing Team

    8. flawless!

      Posted by Captain Darrell Johnson on 16th Apr 2015

      The drag system on the Kraken is as good as any fly reel at any price! The start up is as smooth as I've ever experienced. Can't wait to try the XLA's I ordered to use on tarpon in Florida, and on albacore tuna this summer off the Washington coast. Great reel at an even better price! NICE WORK! I highly recommend this reel !

    9. Awesome reels, awesome customer service

      Posted by Kenneth Dotson on 11th Apr 2015

      I recently purchased several Allen reels and I love them! I have used most of the reels on the market and the quality and price of Allen reels can't be beat. Not only are the product and price great the customer service is incredible! I highly recommend trying one before you buy from anyone else.

    10. Amazing value

      Posted by Christopher Pollock on 7th Apr 2015

      Have not hooked into a large fish to really test the drag as of yet, but from test casting it in my yard, and the few times Ive had it on the water, that thing is smooth!

      I have been looking for a while for an affordable reel that is salt water friendly and seem to have found it. Time will tell how the reel will hold up, but first impressions are this reel is a must have!

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 97 | Next

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