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A smaller version of our popular AB001 fly box without the center flap.  6.75” x 3.75” x 1.75”

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    A smaller version of our popular AB001 fly box without the center flap.  6.75” x 3.75” x 1.75”

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    Dave Cooper Perth Western Australia.

    Another Winner

    Things just get better every time I purchase a product from Allen Fly Fishing. This fly best has to be the best value for money, - even the best, period, that I have purchased in my long fly fishing life. Thanks to the Allen Fly Fishing crew again, for bringing quality to the fly fishing world.

    AB001-s Fly Box

    To say that I was impressed with the fly box would be an understatement. Considering the quality of design, and choice of materials I have seen more expensive brands that fall short of the Allen product priced much higher.
    Dave Card

    good for price.

    the box itself is fine but I have to re glue the foam strips on the side with individual strips of foam. I think the heat in the car causes the issue and I don't go anywhere with out my gear so they are always in the car or truck. the reason I deal with it is the price is very fair and to be honest, I have another brand of box that is the same type and it has the same issue. It also cost me three times as much. Update: Hi Dave, Please contact me at Justin@allenflyfishing.com. I'll send out a new box from our current stock. Thank you - Justin

    Great fly box!

    Quality is great, and when combined with the price, this is the best deal around! I bought I to start, and immediately ordered another 3 when I saw the quality.


    You can't beat the quality. Outstanding value.

    Surprisingly Good

    Great quality box that works. I use for my steelhead flies and don't want or need a large box to carry. Fits in my waders and is not in the way. Easy to use and love the price. I will order more.

    Awesome price awesome product

    Im picky about my fly boxes and this one has a good hinge and latch, holds my big streamers with no problem. Would always recomend!
    Justin Carfagnini

    What a steal!!1

    I was contemplating getting a C&F box for $45, but I discoverd Allen Fly fishing, and decided to steal it from them for $9.50. The box is an excellent deal!
    Brian Harris

    Great product at even better price

    This product is comparable to more expensive fly boxes at a fraction of the price. It is advertised as waterproof and has survived multiple dunkings already. Anyone who ties flies knows the disappointment of a wet book followed by rusty hooks.

    a real safety box for your flies

    dang good box
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