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This water-resistant fly box is ideal box for small flies!  28 rows of space leaves lots of room to grow in to!  7.75” x 4.75” x 1.75”

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13 Reviews

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    Excellent fly box.

    Published by Stephen Wethington on 10th Jul 2017

    I had one of these gave to me.Liked it so well i recently purchased several more from Allen.Heavy duty box and it will hold a ton of flies.Also big enough inside to hold streamers.Great fly box!

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    Best fly box i've owned!!

    Published by Glen Zarboni on 25th May 2015

    This is by far the best Flybox I have owned. This box IS WATERPROOF, like Allen advertised as opposed to some other big name companies. For the price this box is the simply the best on the market.

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    Just the best!!

    Published by Rick on 30th Mar 2013

    I have been fly fishing and tying for over 30 years and have either owned or used just about every product on the market. This box is kick @$$. As good if not the same as an other brand that cost 4 or 5 times as much. Again Allen shows us you do not have to pay a lot to get a lot.

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    beats the competition !

    Published by christy langton on 10th Dec 2012

    This is the Third item i have bought from you and ALL have exeded expectation -the fly box is is exellent value for money plus the fact that it works.I checked the construction (i always seem to sit on the bloody things) and who ever made it should be proud .10 out of ten !!

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    Perfect for Nymphing

    Published by BJK on 13th Nov 2012

    Great fly box for holding a ton of flies! I use it for midges and nymphs and it holds everything easily. This box is meant for carrying a ton of small flies. It's perfect for fishing double nymph rigs, everything you need for countless combinations will be right there in one box. It's big but it does fit in my large front vest pockets or in the front pocket of my waders. I wouldn't recommend it for dries and streamers because of the middle page, but if I were to use only one box for everything, this would be it.

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    Surprisingly Good

    Published by Todd on 2nd Nov 2012

    Sometimes the old adage "you get what you paid for" certainly does not apply to this box. It seems to be the same as the other boxes that cost $40 more. Thank you!

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    Quality fly box - BUT TOO BIG for shirt vest pocket

    Published by Paintdoc1 on 26th Sep 2012

    I guess I didn't take the time to read the review that were already posted. The box is larger than I anticipated and it clearly is too big to fit in a flyfishing shirt picket....and most vest pockets too. I have to keep it in a fanny pack.

    I like the overall design on this fly box, EXCEPT it is larger than I expected. It's going to hold lots of flies and appears that rubber gasket should keep my flies dry.

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    Great fly box for the price

    Published by Larry Muhr on 25th Sep 2012

    The fly box is big enough for streamers, yet not so big hat you can't fit it into a jacket pocket or shoulder bag. Hinges and latch appear to be strong and should last for years.

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    Unblievable Deal

    Published by Nick on 25th Sep 2012

    I own 3 of the name brand fly boxes. This box is identical to the name brand except for the middle divider. This box has a 2 sided divider compared to 1 side with the name brand. The divider is a little flimsy but so is the one on the name brand. I paid $7.50 for this box compared to $49.99 plus $21.99 for the one sided divider on the name brand. I ordered 6 of the Allen fly boxes for $20 cheaper than one C& Box. Do the math. A great buy.

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    Quality box

    Published by Curtis Bias on 4th Jul 2012

    This is a quality fly box. It is perfect for those who have the space to carry a box of this size in something like an over the shoulder bag or sling pack. If used exclusively for small flies, this box would hold 920 flies (40 rows x 23 slots). This is a great box for organizing all of your midges, nymphs, and dry flies. Medium sized flies work quite well in this box too if you are willing to allow them to take up extra spaces in the slotted foam. Hoppers or other terrestrials can be held by the foam and have enough clearance that they don't become disfigured or deformed from being crowded and squashed. Larger hooks, big streamers, and meatier flies required a different box. I've packed enough trout flies into this box to last more than a week of solid fishing. I have paid twice as much for fly boxes of lesser quality. This fly box is a real winner in my opinion. This box won't fit in your pocket, but it will leave you with enough money in your pocket to buy a little something extra.