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 Waterproof Double Sided Fly Box. Slit foam design perfect for your small flies.  Great for sticking in your pocket!  Includes lanyard.

4.0" x 3.0" x 1.25"

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     Waterproof Double Sided Fly Box. Slit foam design perfect for your small flies.  Great for sticking in your pocket!  Includes lanyard.

    4.0" x 3.0" x 1.25"

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    Jim Horvath

    Great box !!!

    Bought this box as an afterthought when I ordered an Allen reel. This is perfect for my trout fishing. I just hang it around my neck with the lanyard....never gets in the way but makes it super easy to change flies... no going through vest pockets spilling things. The hook insertions are great and the double siding is convenient. Have many expensive boxes that can't come close to this ease of operation.
    Don Moroz

    Small Box; Big Performance

    Excellant value in a small fly box. Crushproof Polycarbonate lid on each side, gasketted lid rim and snap clasps make for virtually indestructable waterproof storage in a box that floats. Slit foam insers make flies easy to insert and remove and are securely held by the foam. Inserting the BEND of the hook into the foam slit preserves the slit so the hook point doesn't damage the foam to keep your box in top shape for many , many fishing excursions. The attached lanyard allows you to hang the box around your neck to go light when it's hot out or slip it in a shirt pocket and still keep it secured. Seems like quite a value in this Allen Fly Box compared to similar offerings at about double the cost from other sources.


    My new little box got run over by a 3500 Ford Diesel and the clear cover got broke up but all the flies were left intact! Pretty amazing eh?

    quality box

    I am very impressed with this box. Quality material and very durable. The foam is great. This box is perfect for bonefish flies. Fits in your shirt pocket. The ideal wading box

    Best small fly box around

    This small fly box holds just enough flies for those outings where you only have a few hours to fish. It is perfect in size and function. It is a quality built box and the neck strap (which you can change out for a wrist strap) just puts it over the top ...I'm buying more of these.

    It does all that was asked of it

    A very fine little box for a good price. This is a box for your bonefish and bluegill flies, not for your streamers. But for what it is intended to do, it does it well. Has a good, solid feel, snaps shut positively, opens easily, easy to mount flies. What more could one want?
    Robert Olson

    Perfect for Tenkara

    Just the right size for tenkara.

    Awesome Product

    I bought this product thinking that I would use it to store flies that I knew I wasn't going to use on the stream the day that I was fishing, but after I received it, it quickly moved to being an every day box for me. I will be buying another one or two soon!

    Nice little fly box

    While I prefer a compartment for traditional or standard dry flies, this one is great for parachute flies, midges, and nymphs. It's also nice for short trips to local water where you know just what you'll need for the afternoon.
    Anthony Nielsen


    This Box is thee Perfect Size! I love the Lanyard, it slips over your neck or can be tied to a belt loop ect. I recommend this box to all fishermen!
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