• 14th Jul 2015

    Fly Tying Tutorial: Hendrickson Dry Fly

    "My Uncle John was a guest on the show, and tied a Hendrickson dry fly on the Allen Fly Fishing D103BL dry fly hook. The fly is a classic Catskill-style dry, and my uncle discusses the pattern and ot…

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  • 7th Jul 2015

    Fly Tying Tutorial: Foam Wing Midge

    "My newest YouTube fly tying tutorial featuring Allen Fly Fishing hooks is now live, the Foam Wing Midge. This is a very simple pattern to tie, using very few materials, yet one that has fooled so…

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  • 19th May 2015

    Fly Tying Tutorial: Sulphur F Plus

    "I just published my newest fly tying tutorial featuring Allen Fly Fishing hooks this past weekend. The Sulphur F-Plus is a fly by Loren Williams, based off of a European fly that he decided to impro…

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  • 5th May 2015

    Fly Tying Tutorial: Krazy Carper

    "The Krazy Carper is a simple and effective carp fly that pays homage to the Zonker-style of flies. This is a great pattern to have in your box, mainly because it can be fished different ways, plus t…

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  • 16th Mar 2015

    Changing it up

    Living in the middle of Pacific Northwest Salmon and Steelhead Country, it's not surprising that my thoughts of fishing typically include large sea run fish.  Washington State isn't really known…

    Published by Evan Burck

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  • 1st Jan 2015

    Instagram Photo Contest!

    Do you follow us on Instagram?  If not, then you should!  In addition to frequent photo updates of what's going on here at Allen, we also do giveaways and contests like this one to win a new…

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