Allen Podcast


Our podcast is hosted by Evan Burck and co-hosted by AJ Gottschalk.  Evan and AJ each bring their own unique perspective to Allen Fly Fishing, not just in the podcast, but in the company’s overall approach to product development, customer service, and brand identity.  With Evan in the Pacific Northwest, and AJ in Western New York State, their experiences in their local fisheries vary greatly.  But their enthusiasm to travel to fisheries both across the country and internationally have given them experiences in a wide variety of situations.



Beginners Series

Episode 1 - How do I start? - (Download)

Episode 2 - Intro to Fly Lines, Leaders, and Tippets - (Download)

Episode 3 - Intro to Fly Rods - (Download)

Episode 4 - Intro to Fly Reels - (Download)

Episode 5 - Proper Fish Handling - (Download)

Episode 6 - Terminal Tackle - (Download)

Episode 7 - Beginning Trout Fly Selection - (Download)


Species Spotlights

Carp - (Download)


Conservation, Stewardship, and River Eithics

Wild vs Native vs Invasive - (Download)