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Not every epic success story starts with the longest of casts. Sometimes that trophy is only a roll-cast away with a bulky tandem rig. Either way, the Altus Series is up to the task. Hand-assembled in the U.S.A. from the finest components, the Altus is the perfect combination of stunning looks and functional performance. Concise tracking and crisp recovery complement a smooth, forgiving flex. Most impressive is a reserve of power in the lower portion of the rod. This power becomes readily apparent when casting beefy flies on heavy lines, or when the time comes to bring the fight to a trophy fish. Paired with this power is the ability to achieve a delicate presentation thanks to the rod's versatile medium-fast action. When tactics or conditions are demanding, the Altus is the rod for the task. Aren't you ready for your next success story?


  • Medium-Fast Aerospace-grade Carbon Blank
  • Blank Color: Steel Blue - Wrap Color: Cobalt Blue
  • Lemke Black Aluminum Up-locking Reel Seat (Maple Insert on 3-6wt.)
  • Black Stainless Steel Stripping Guide with Halide Insert
  • Black Stainless Steel Snake-style Guides
  • Premium, Hand-turned Portuguese Cork Handle
  • Hand carfted in the USA with the finest components sourced around the world.
  • Lifetime Warranty


Length Size (Line Wt.) Sections Weight (Oz.) Fighting Butt Cork Grip Price
7'6" 3 4 2.3   Half Wells $639
8'6" 4 4 2.6    Half Wells $649
10' 4 4 3.2    Half Wells $659
9' 5 4 3.1    Half Wells $649 
9' 6 4 3.1    Half Wells $649 
9' 6 4 3.3  Y Full Wells $659 
10' 7 4 4.4  Y Full Wells $659 
9' 8 4 4.2  Y Full Wells $659 
9' 10 4 4.6  Y Full Wells $659 
9' 12 4 5.0  Y Full Wells $659 


Return Policy:

With all of our rods; if you receive the rod, and it's not for you, you can return the unused (plastic still on cork) for a full refund or exchange.

This is the weight of the complete, finished rod.  Our weights may appear to be heavier than other manufacturers, but this is because we have chosen to give the weight of the rod as it arrives to you.  This is not how many other brands classify their weights. 

3 Reviews

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    A new weapon of choice for saltwater trophy fishing

    Published by Court Harris on 17th Apr 2017

    Gents at Allen - just returned from 2 weeks of fishing in Central America on waters that have never seen a fly rod. We got taken to class by 200# + sized tarpon. The 12 wts we were using took all the beating those fish could deliver, coupled up with the Kraken XLA (size 5s) and my older Krakens (size 5). Full on battles. Couple of my guide buddies that are Sage fanatics have switched over to Allen after this trip. The rods loaded the Allen Saltwater lines with perfection. We were double-hauling all over the place day in and out and no one was complaining about sore shoulders. Epic trip, epic equipment. Suggest you get a 15wt in the arsenal asap - we are going back next year!

  • 4
    First to Review this rod?? Really?? People are missin' out!

    Published by Michael Feiger on 3rd Jan 2017

    Still finding it hard to believe that I'm the 'first' to review this rod. I would have figured such a product would have garnered much more attention and interest, and those who've bought would have been screaming it's praises!

    I've been in the market this winter for a 12 wt big game rod for a trip to Christmas Island to chase GT's and blue water fishes, and to finally have a rod for tarpon along the east Texas coast. Most of my salt water experience has been with 8 and 10 wt class roads for inshore species (redfish and speckled trout) and estuary coho, pink, and Chinook salmon. Have done enough to know what I like insofar as an action for effectively and efficiently casting in the salt water environment. I picked up a 12 wt Altus and Volant rod, taking advantage of the '30 Day Test Drive' option. The Volant has pages of reviews and sufficient press to know its a well liked rod. The Altus....crickets... This review is for the 12 wt. Idaho....with tropical fly lines (Airflo GT).... Not the most ideal conditions, but what do you do??

    To keep this simple - What I Like..... and What I ????

    What I like -
    - Light, progressive fast-ish medium fast action, with a s**-ton of reserve power in the butt section of this rod. The tip has a nice flex, with strength. the mid and butt sections progressively stiffen, but are still active. In my two comparative casting sessions with this and the Volant, this rod could flat out shoot. Two doubles and I could throw 100' of line with out target. Shorten things up, and in ready position with one haul back and forward, and 30-60' of accurately thrown line was easily achieved. And at under 30' - with that flexing tip - accurately thrown casts that turn a weighted fly over every time. Loops, while not 'lazer sharp', where tight - 2-3' max - and consistent in their lack of 'wave.'
    - Some of the best lateral stiffness I've felt in a long time. I had to work at creating tailing loops with this rod. Even with my questionable technique, the rod and resulting loop of line stayed on plane. No wind knots, no collisions with line and fly, smooth, easy, effective turnover every time. This wasn't something I fully appreciated until I cast this rod. Damn, I'm impressed.
    - This rod is light in hand, and light in cast. I have a 10 wt. with a heavier swing weight than this rod. I can truly see my self casting this rod for extended periods of time without much consequence. I could really feel the difference in the amount of (or lack there of) torque on my casting wrist with this rod, when compared to the Volant. This one won't hurt as much at the end of the day, nor will it feel like the rod is trying to twist out of your hand when you cast.
    - Excellent fit and finish, and attention to detail. Oversized (i.e. longer) reel seat - check; quality cord - check; clean and well finished guide wraps - check; solid lockup of sections - check. Very impressed.

    Am still playing with this rod, sure there will be more plusses as I work with it. I'm looking forward to testing the strength of against Christmas Island GT's in April, will report then;

    Ok, my ???'s

    - Only one stripping guide (on a 12 wt.), and an undersized one at that, when compared to industry standards. Fascinating. Not what I expected. By comparison, the Volant had your very typical tall, over sized 20, and then 16, corrosion resistant, inserted stripping guides. This one's got a short 16, then straight to snake guides. That's a first on a saltwater rod of this caliber. Talked to the Allen Folks - the response was primarily focused on weight savings. Which I get, having built enough of my own rods. And likely influences the pluses I ID'd above - swing weight, lightness in hand. But still looks odd. Did I miss oversized and the extra stripper? Apparently not. This rod outperformed the Volant with distance and generated line speed, something the over sized and tall strippers on the Volant should have improved on. So, there ya go...... Allen may be on to something. Will definitely re-assess how I build my own future salt water rods.
    - Teeny tiny lil' tip top is concerning. And will be replaced. Noticeably different from the Volant, and I have my concerns about clearing leader knots on hot fish. Likewise, the last 3-4 snake guides at the tip seem undersized as well. Not so easy to replace, we'll see how that fares.
    - The grip....My hands are just not a fan. For my big mitts, just too small, can feel hand fatigue with that configuration. I've seen similar profiles on other manufactures rods for the bigger saltwater sticks. Not sure why. Will prolly put a shrink-wrap sleeve on and try that. This is mostly a personal gripe, just how my hands are, but like a fuller grip, similar to what was on the Volant.

    So, there ya go... One LONG-ASS winded review of a rod I'm anxiously awaiting to fish, but what I feel is a hell of a 'sleeper', at least in the big game market of rods. Again, I'm really surprised there haven't been other reviews of this rod series. If you've gotten off the 'Fastest and Most Furious' bandwagon trend of ultra fast-action rods that everyone else seems to think saltwater fishers want, and are ready to cast a powerful, pleasurable rod that will enhance your casting, step up, think you'll be happy....

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    Am surprised others haven't jumped on singing this rod's praises...

    Published by Michael Feiger on 11th Dec 2016

    Needing a 12wt for an upcoming Christmas Island trip to cover GT's, as well as tarpon on the west Texas coast. Looked at a variety of options out there in all price ranges, and settled on a test drive of the Altus and Volant. I'm keeping the Altus and sending back the Volant. Here's why:

    - the fewer net tenths of ounces in this rod, coupled with blank design adds up to a much lighter swing weight and casting torque on the wrist when compared to the Volant. The Altus truly feels and casts light in hand. Not that the Volant is excessive, it's just more notable, and I could feel the fatigue building after one casting session. Not a issue with the Altus. I can make the same comparisons to other rods of similar price points on the market;
    - tailing loops were non-existent with the Altus, which I'll attribute to the blank design and a greater resistance to lateral flex through my less than perfect double haul technique. The Altus just tracks so sweet. The Volant was not so immune to my imperfections. A better caster would prolly not have the same issues. But if a rod can compensate for my short comings, I'm sold;
    - the same above can be said for wind knots.... ;
    - I much prefer a medium-fast(er) action with a ton of reserve power that's easily tapped into when needed, when compared to the broom sticks that are out there amongst other manufactures. I'm a lil over the extra-super-duper-my-rods-faster-than-your-rod thing. In the right hands, I'm sure they are great tools. Just not my hands. The Altus has the blend of upper 1/3 flex with a s**t-ton of reserve power in the bottom to throw fast tight loops at any distance. I likey. The Volant has similar characteristics, but not as much power in the bottom end that I could tap into;
    - when I can throw 100' of an Airflo GT floater in 20 deg Idaho winter weather (did I mention the snow falling?),, coiled up line and all, on two double-hauls, I'm sold. It's a truly pleasant big rod to cast. The Volant is good, this one is great, and worth the few extra dollars.

    If I have any concerns, it's this :
    - tiny lil' tip-top... Seriously, my 6wts have bigger tip-tops than this. I have concerns about line/leader junctions and leader knots getting hung up on this. I'll prolly risk voiding my warranty and up grade a larger titanium tip-top to have piece of mind;
    - only one size 16 stripping guide, as opposed to a 20 AND 16 typically found on larger saltwater rods. I was skeptical when I first saw that. But after casting, clearly I didn't miss it. Talking with the guys at Allen, they aren't either. We'll see how that plays out.

    Looking forward to seeing how this rod stands up to toe-to-toe brawls with the Christmas Island GT's in a few months. That will be the ultimate affirmation.

    Given this rod's performance, now more thoroughly tempted to look at some smaller weight rods in this lineup! Great job Allen!