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Azimuth Rod Series

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Sometimes, high line speed is required to get the most out of less-than-favorable conditions. Punch through wind with the Azimuth's extra fast action blank; designed to get you fishing when Mother Nature's plans did not align with your own.  Even when things are at their calmest, the quick response and straight tracking fires off tight loops that go the distance.


  • Action: Extra Fast
  • Blank Color - Burnt Orange
  • The blank is constructed from top end, aerospace quality carbon
  • Titanium chromium plated stripping guides for saltwater protection.
  • Premium quality, hand made cork handle
  • Lifetime Warranty


Length Size (Line Wt.) Sections Weight (Oz.) Fighting Butt Cork Grip Price
8'6" 4 4 3.3   Half Wells $309
9' 5 4 3.55   Half Wells $309
9' 6 4 3.8 Full Wells $309
10' 7 4 4.5 Y  Full Wells $319
9' 8 4 4.35 Y Full Wells $319


Return Policy:

With all of our rods; if you receive the rod, and it's not for you, you can return the unused (plastic still on cork) for a full refund or exchange.

This is the weight of the complete, finished rod.  Our weights may appear to be heavier than other manufacturers, but this is because we have chosen to give the weight of the rod as it arrives to you.  This is not how many other brands classify their weights.  

9 Reviews

  • 5
    Azimuth so good I bought 2!

    Published by Ben Schwab on 3rd Nov 2017

    I purchased the 7wt 10' azimuth as my streamer/smallmouth rod and fell in love. The action in this rod is incredible and has become a favorite and recently purchased a 6wt!

  • 5
    6 wt Azimuth w/ Trout 2 - Awesome combo

    Published by Richard Russo on 27th Aug 2017

    Loaded this combo with Allens shooting line and it casts so very nice. For the price you really cannot beat the Allen 2 reel either . Very smooth and a nice drag system to boot. Looking forward to many days of fishing trout here in New Zealand.

  • 5
    Stands up to Pacific Northwest Steelhead

    Published by Unknown on 16th Mar 2017

    This 10' 7wt rod throws: 3 flies, 1 1/4" strike indicator and split-shot with no problem. I paired it with the recommended Allen 7 wt fly line. They work well together and stood up to Pacific Northwest Steelhead. I like the burnt orange color too.

  • 5
    Hurls very large flies, very far

    Published by Unknown on 7th Aug 2016

    I bought this in a 10wt for use in Alaska. We fish very large rabbit flies with extra heavy lead eyes for silvers. Last year I was trying to throw these on an 8wt. It was difficult and flat out scary as it was hard to keep the fly elevated and not hit yourself in the back of the head (or get a stinger hook stuck in you somewhere). A 9wt was a little better but still not great. My hope was that this extra fast and heavier rod would do the job. Let me tell you it does. It takes a bit to get used to the stiffness because it is very fast, but once you dial it in, man does it throw those flies with ease. No problem at all and far less scary. I'm able to keep the big fly high in the air at all times.

    A bonus is that this rod is light! I've cast other 10wts that make your arm go numb but this is awesome. It feels just as light as my all around 8wt. Also doesn't break the bank. Given the price it's obviously not the greatest build quality in the world but it looks decent and feels solid so far. Love this rod!

  • 5
    Azimuth, a fantastic rod

    Published by Jeff Eichelberger on 29th Apr 2016

    Awesome performance! I bought this 8wt. 9' rod for a trip to Pyramid lake, NV for giant cutties. I used this rod for floater no cator style of fishing midges. Very good sensitive feel of the fish when they hit them for an 8wt. Casting was awesome in the big winds associated with the lake. Sensitive feel but plenty of backbone setting the hook and fighting. Can't wait to try it out on Bonefish!

  • 5
    Azimuth is a Very Fast Action Rod

    Published by David Merical on 13th Apr 2016

    YES! I prefer fast actions rods to when casting large wind resistant flies for bass. It helps to punch the fly through the wind. I struggled to find rods that were fast enough. I purchased expensive rods from other brands, just to be disappointed in the action. The Azimuth is the rod I was hoping it would be. I bought the 9' 6wt, and it casts bass flies very well, and I feel in control when the big ones strike. My rod search is over. Thank you for this!

  • 5
    Azimuth Scores!

    Published by Capt. Jon Bull on 26th Oct 2015

    I've been using the Azimuth 8 wt. for a few months now. This rod does everything as advertised. Two false casts and the rod fires out line like a cannon. In terms of short distances, it shines even brighter. My clients are able to place sliders and gurglers in the tightest mangrove pockets in search of snook and reds. The line speed that this rod generates is amazing, but it still has enough finesse in it to make a delicate presentation. Great rod for the money!

  • 5
    Wow !!!

    Published by Jon Blakely "JB" on 5th Oct 2015

    First of all I want to say, I have been looking for a very fast action 8 wt. fly rod for two years . All the so called best rods that are out are way to expensive, not as powerful as I would expect them to be. Then I came across Allen fly fishing on Facebook, well I have to ...say your tag line of " High Performance Rods without the HIGH PRICE Tag" ...made me think. So I took a shot and I'm more then pleased... "You have nailed it!!!" I fish in the land of the Giants , Pyramid Lake NV and when using a full sink line, where the wind is 20 mph or higher you need all the power to cast that line 80 or more feet, Allen has made it happen . The rod loads like no other rods I have casted before and with no effort!!! You can cast all day and not wear out your arm. I own 4 Sage rods in the high priced range and now I own a Azimuth Allen 8wt 9' very fast action rod and a Alpha #3 reel, I love this rod and reel setup! I am very pleased with my choice and I'm know a true believer in Allen Fly Fishing Products!!
    Thank guys and keep it up.. Look out Sage!! Tight lines my friends !!! A proud customer JB.

  • 5
    Between Gear & Customer Service, Allen gets 5 Stars!!

    Published by Tim on 30th May 2015

    You guys killed it on this one!!! I just received an order yesterday for a few of these which were to be gifted to some friends. But, I couldn't help taking one out this morning. The 9' 8wt. Is all its cracked up to be and MORE!! I WILL DEFINITELY BE GETTING ONE FOR MYSELF FOR OUR CHINOOK RUN THIS FALL!!! This rod not only handles the elements, but literally commands even heavily weighted flies exactly into the spot I want them!! And with fineness what's more!! Nicely done boys!!!

    Timothy Matt