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B200 - Bass Bug Hook


Sold in packs of 25

Great for all large bodied flies and poppers. Standard Wire.

Finish: Bronze                                                                                                                                                           



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    Sold in packs of 25

    Great for all large bodied flies and poppers. Standard Wire.

    Finish: Bronze                                                                                                                                                           



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    Use the 2 for largmouth and the 4 for smallmouth bass

    That's really all you need to know. They are cheap, sharp and reliable. At least as good as the TMC 8089. Not as strong as the larger sizes of the Gamy B10s, but also not nearly as heavy. I prefer the thinner wire Allen for most applications. My favorite bass tied on this hook is a bulky craft fur clouser for which is it perfect. Also a pretty good hook in the 4-6 size for bendbacks for snook. Not stainless, but you will always destroy or lose the fly before that is an issue.

    Allen B200 Bass Bug Hook

    Wow! When I got these hooks, I thought maybe there was a packaging error. These hooks are HUGE!! The B200 #6 is the same size as a Gamakatsu B10S #2! The B200 # 8 is actually LARGER than the Gamakatsu B10S #4. I was looking for that shape of hook in a much smaller size. I should have ordered the # 14 B200 to get the hook size I wanted. On the plus side, the price is right, ie. WAY cheaper than the Gamakatsu.

    great streamer hook

    The B200 hook is a great hook that super sharp and a nice wide gap. It is my go to hook for deer hair bass bugs as well as foam gurgler type bugs. I've also been known to use them in place of a B10S when I've ran out of those. Great price for an even better hook.
    Robert Lakes

    Great Value

    This hook is great for what I do at the vise. I'm mostly a streamer/smallmouth guy and these hooks are basically my go to streamer. The shaft is around that perfect length with a sizeable hook gap for setting and spinning up hair is not a problem at all on these puppies. The most important part is the sharpness of point and it's very sharp. (I've slipped by thumb into it the point enough times packing down hair!) I've converted to Allen for my personal patterns.
    David Merical

    Great Bass Hooks!

    I've been using these for several years. They are my go-to hooks for bass poppers especially, and also for other bass streamers. The fine wire penetrates the fish easily, and yet they hold their shape extremely well. I've NEVER had one bend out!

    Quality, better shape than TMC 8089, at a good pricee

    This hook is similar in length and gap to the Tiemco 8089, but with a slightly more incurved point, which is good for jumping fish. Size designations are a little different--the Allen hook in size 2 is about the same as the TMC size 6. Strength is more than adequate for warm-water fish, in fact quite good considering the lightweight wire, which is a big plus for the Bouncer flies that I tie ( www.bouncerflies.com ). Highly recommended.

    game changer

    These hooks worked great for tying game changer.

    love these hooks

    Best bass bug hook out there regardless of price. Perfect wire size for me the others on the market are too exspensive or the wire gauge is too thick. Just wish they made them down to a size 20 It's about the only bass bug hook I use anymore

    Great streamer hook!

    Great streamer hook - nice gape & shank length. Be aware that they run large - I would say almost 2x other brands. Load up on them when they are in stock!
    Howard Fiander

    Best Popper Hooks Going

    I bought these for tying up some poppers for bass fishing. The price and the quality can't be beat. the price of these are about 1/3 the price of popper hooks. Purchased different sizes right down to size 14. The are the ideal size and hook gap for the small foam bodies.
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