Fly Collection - Stillwater Trout Essentials

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Be ready for nearly any stillwater trout situation with this collection!  Whether the fish are eating streamers along the banks, emergers at the surface, or chironimids toward the bottom:  You'll be ready!

Two of each size: 62 flies total.  Add a fly box and save 10% on the box!

*Substitions may occur*

Dries Size    QTY
Adams Parachute 14 18  2
Adams Emerger 18   2
Callibaetis Parachute 14 16 2
Callibaetis Spinner 14 16 2
Deer Hair Damsel - Blue 14   2
Stimulator - Olive 12 14 2
Callibaetis Nymph 14 16  2
Carey Special 8 10  2
Chromie 14 16  2
Double Rib Chironomid 14 16  2
Frostbite Chironomid Pupa - Red 14 16  2
Red Brown Chironomid Pupa 14 16  2
Seal Leech BH - Black 10    2
Seal Leech BH - Olive 10    2
Seal Leech BH - Brown 10    2
Woolly Bugger (B.H.) Black 6 12  2
Woolly Bugger (B.H.) Brown 6 12  2
Woolly Bugger (B.H.) Olive 6 12  2





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1 Review

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    Great starter pack!

    Published by Ira on 15th Jun 2014

    If you are new to the game of stillwater trout fishing or you're just looking to add some patterns to fill your box, this is a great deal! I normally tie all my own flies, but this was just to good of a deal to pass up. The flies themselves are well tied and don't just fall apart after a couple of fish. I haven't tried some of the dries yet so I can't really talk about how well they float but the mids and the streamers have worked well.

    If anything, I think they should add some patterns tied on the jig hooks they sell. Maybe some of the seal leeches with the slotted tungsten beads. Hint, hint! Those would really round this thing out.