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For the biggest, fastest fish, the Kraken XLA is the ideal cure. The extra large arbor and repositioned cranking handle provide unparalleled retrieval speeds, while the sturdy sealed drag can put more than ample pressure on trophy-sized targets. We now offer this reel with a reversible retrieve as well, making it ideal for guides, guests, and lodges. The XLA still boasts the advantageous “U”-shaped arbor of its little brother, the Kraken, as well as the weight-saving benefits of a strongly ported design. Equally at home on a single-hander in the salt or a spey rod a couple hundred miles from it, the Kraken XLA represents a surprisingly versatile reel in a very affordable package. 


  • Fully machined aluminum spool and frame
  • Multi-disc stacked carbon drag system
  • Sealed drag
  • Extra-large arbor, U-cut spool
  • Click retrieve and click drag
  • Easily converts from left to right hand retrieve
Model Reel Dia Weight Arbor Dia Spool Width Reel Capacity Size Suggestions Price
3 4.5" 8.75oz. 2.8" 1.1" 8wt WFF + 200yd 30lb backing 6wt to 9wt WFF
350gr to 500gr Shooting Heads
4 5" 9.15oz 3.0" 1.1" 10wt WFF + 250yd 30lb backing 9wt to 12wt WFF
500 to 600gr Shooting Heads
5 5.5" 10.3oz. 3.2" 1.3" 12wt WFF + 300yd 30lb backing 12wt to 14wt WFF
600gr to 1000gr Shooting Heads



38 Reviews

  • 5
    Loving this Reel

    Published by Cal Rosenstein on 9th Jan 2018

    I purchased the size 4 for my Spey rod, and am so pleased with the quality of this reel. Really loving not only the design, but also the buttery smooth drag. I am more of a traditionalist in reels, i.e. I rarely if ever have my drag set tight, however on a hard fighting chrome a few turns on the knob and slight hand pressure and this reel performs beautifully. For me buying the XLA went off the beaten path for the usual Spey reels but the road less traveled was surely worth it on this one!

  • 5
    Awesome Reel!

    Published by Bruce Wilks on 28th Apr 2017

    I took a fly fishing trip back Jan 18th in Louisiana. I site fished, hooked and landed my biggest fish of a lifetime on the fly excluding a 6ft blacktip shark, using an 8wt fly rod and my Allen Dorado KRAKEN XLA #3 reel. It was a measured 43lb 42” Black Drum! The KRAKEN XLA reel and drag system performed flawlessly. Even with the drag setting set with lots of drag it was nice and smooth. I was using 30lb test tippet, but I think I needed a 9 or 10wt fly rod LOL. Turned into a 20 min fight more because I was protecting my 8wt rod and the drag system in the KRAKEN XLA reel helped protect my rod and land this big fish. I really like the large speed handle and its inbound location. I was able to real in line faster than any of my other reels, along with the big handle allows me more crank leverage on the reel in. I own and fish Nautilus and Hatch reels, but for my salt water fishing now days, I mostly use my KRAKEN XLA reel. I also own three original KRAKEN #3 reels and a Trout II Allen reels and they are all great reels. Just purchased a Omega #4 and Omega XLA #4 for even bigger saltwater fish. Thanks Justin and your team for great products and excellent customer service!

  • 5
    Absolutely superb large arbor reel tested in Central America

    Published by Court Harris on 17th Apr 2017

    Just got back from 2 weeks in the jungle and salt targeting massive tarpon, jacks, barracuda, snook, permits and bones. The drags on this reel were tested by 200# tarpon numerous times and performed flawlessly. The configuration of the handle inside the spool made speedy line retrieval sooo much easier. These are the go-to reels for me now, and I expect the lodge we were with will be emailing Allen about getting a batch for their clients. A MUST HAVE for big tarpon. No other reels on the trip matched the XLA. What a great job you guys at Allen have done!

  • 5
    A Refreshing Change of Design

    Published by Pierson Monetti on 5th Dec 2016

    This reel is innovation at its finest. Companies love to advertise their 'new technology' and 'completely redesigned' reels that at the end of the day....don't really do anything different. This is not the case however for the XLA. Allen really thought outside the box an designed a reel that actually changes the way you fish certain species. To start it off, THIS REEL IS HUGE! In the best way possible! The extra large arbor gives you the line pick up of a typical 12 wt size reel in an extra light-skinny spool package of 7-9 wt. Allen even put their extremely oversized handle closer to the center of the spool. This makes it feel like you are reeling in a 3.5" diameter reel when in fact you are picking up almost twice as much line. The drag has a huge range of adjustment. Lots of room to dial in that perfect tippet protecting tension but also gives you a drag that maxes out to the point you simply cant pull any line out. I see this as a perfect bonefish reel in the smaller size due to the beautiful drag adjustment and line pickup. In the larger size it seems like a no brainer tarpon reel. Why buy anything else?

  • 5
    Smooth and Strong

    Published by charles smith on 14th Nov 2016

    I bought the XLA mainly for striper on lake Lanier in GA. It's silky smooth, and when you dial it up, has good stopping force, flawless start up. I like that it has a large arbor, but is narrow enough so that it's not too bulky. I've only caught a few fish on it so far, the biggest was about a 14 lb stripe. Looking forward to getting the big one!

  • 5
    XLA smooth beast

    Published by Jeff Eichelberger on 29th Apr 2016

    Got this reel to match the 8wt Azimuth rod. Used it up in Pyramid Lake, NV for giant cutties last week and it worked flawlessly. Great, smooth drag and plenty of stopping power. It is a great large arbor reel and paired well with the Azimuth rod.
    Next trip, Cayman Islands for bones and Tarpon!

  • 5

    Published by Brett Daugherty on 21st Apr 2016

    I recently purchased a size 3 XLA to match with my 9wt Alluvion for big Stripers and Muskies, and boy was I amazed. The drag is unlike anything I've ever felt in a fly reel. My friend has a size 4 Alpha 3 and this reel is basically the same size, so really a size 3 XLA could be used for a 7 all the way to an 11wt. I recently put the heat on a 40lb striper and stopped him in his tracks. This reel is well worth the money because with a spare spool it can serve many rods and weights. Thanks AJ and the rest of the team. You guys rock!!!

  • 5
    the dream reel

    Published by Patrick on 12th Apr 2016

    Je suis du Canada, j habite la province du Quebec qui borde la frontière Américaine... J ai vu vos moulinets sur Instagram et cela m'a donné envi de commencer la pêche à la mouche... Après plusieurs mois de recherche j ai décidé de me faire confiance à Allenflyfishing!!! Depuis je suis heureux d avoir avec moi mon super moulinet!!! Merci

  • 5
    Very Pleased With My New Reel

    Published by Steve, New South Wales, Australia on 8th Oct 2015

    I've just received my new Kraken XLA 4 in the post today. It's my fifth Allen reel, and I'm sure once I've used this new one, I'll be as happy with its performance like all the others I own.

    I'm going to Lord Howe Island with my son this January, which is off the east coast of Australia. It's a fly anglers paradise, but is also stunningly beautiful which is a bonus. I needed this reel to use on Lord Howe's kingfish and other hard fighting species. Every fish pulls really hard here, and with numerous reefs around the island and with the fish seemingly on steroids, you need quality gear here. For Lord Howe Island I needed a reel with extra grunt, a smooth solid drag, a fast retrieve and excellent line capacity. After reading previous reviews here, the Kraken XLA 4 fitted the bill perfectly.

    In my hands for the first time, the very first thing that struck me was the weight. I was expecting the reel to weigh more. Secondly, was the quality of the build and the finish. I knew this wouldn't be a surprise as my other reels are awesome in this department too. I got the reel in the gunmetal colour, and it's really nice. I'm not a big fan of flashy reels, and this reel is gunmetal is not overly flashy at all, but still a head turner if that's important to you.

    The cranking handle might look different, but it's not a big deal and I don't see why it should stop anyone purchasing this reel. If you want a fast retrieve, you'll definitely have it with this set up.

    I use Allen reels exclusively these days. I gave this reel a five star rating despite not having used it yet, simply based on what I've discovered with this reel and my previous Allen reels. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this reel to anyone.

  • 4
    Alaska test

    Published by John McCloskey on 22nd Sep 2015

    This reel has been pretty solid so far. I prefer it over the original Kraken as I am a sucker for extra large reels especially for Spey and switch rods. It's easy to fight larger fish with a smooth drag and it picks line quickly. I've fought one King with and several rainbows over 25" with this reel here on the Naknek River without here on the any issues. My clients enjoyed using this reel as well. That's important to me. The machining is rad with the green being my favorite color. Nice job