Select Guide Program

New for 2015, the Select Guide Program is a new level of guide benefits for Allen Fly Fishing.  This is a program for full time guides and outfitters.  Exact qualifications will vary, and will be discussed with each individual applicant.

There are a few areas we look at with selecting applicants:

  • Proof of legal guiding operation.
  • History of the business (how long in business)
  • Number of days guided per year
  • Number of guides in the operation (for outfitters)
  • Usage and quality of internet media (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Stewardship and care of the resource

If you feel you have a guiding operation that would be a good fit in this program, send an email to

What exactly is this program?  Our standard guide program is a courtesy discount open to all guides, industry professionals, fish and wildlife officers, outdoor journalists, conservation program board members, etc.  The benefits of the program do not go beyond this discount benefit.  The Select Guide Program is a program where each participant is selected on a case by case basis.  Greater discounts will be available to these program participants, as well as other benefits that will be discussed during the application process.  You and your guiding operation will be listed on our website to assist in giving you additional exposure.

This program is about building a mutually beneficial relationship between the guides and our company.  We value the knowledge, advice, and experience of our guides, and want to build a better company using that experience.  We also request you send us your best photos possible of you and your clients using our gear.

This is not an exclusive program.  We do request and expect you to use the Allen gear you acquire through the program, to get it in clients' hands, and to send us catalog worthy photographs if they so happen to find their way to your camera.  But if you have other gear you also want to use in your business, you are free to use what you like.

This program will be renewed January of each year.  Those who have been previously part of the program will be given priority.  We will do a year in review with each participant to get their thoughts on the gear, get their ideas on future products, and find out what else we can do to benefit each others businesses.  Those who are most active in communication and photo sharing with us throughout the year will be preferred going in to the next season.

We greatly look forward to this new program and working more closely with those on the water the most.  Full time guides do an extraordinary amount in the direction of our industry, and in the overall quality of experience and stewardship on their waters.  We are excited to reward that commitment, and to learn from your experiences!