It's Resolution Time!

It's Resolution Time!

Posted by A.J. on 3rd Jan 2020

Of course, ours isn't particularly surprising! We want to fish more than last year, which should be pretty easy, and we want to make getting Allen gear in your hands and the hands of first-time fly anglers alike easier than ever!

As far as that first part, as we can imagine you are similar to us and ALWAYS resolve to fish more, what prevented you from fly fishing more this past year? Work? Busy schedule otherwise? Longer distances to reach fishing areas? Other hobbies? We check a bit of all of those on our end, so we sympathize (except for that last bit, as that isn't so much a negative! It's always good to diversify!).

But this year, we're endeavoring to surmount the first 3 and bring you more fun content (and new products) thanks to time on the water, and we'd love to hear about yours too! While the weather and high water has limited our options so far this year, it won't be long before there's water under our feet and fish in our hands! How about you? Are you ready to join?

As far as that second part, keep you eyes peeled. We've got a lot of new stuff coming this year. The first of it will be announced VERY soon, and there will be much more to follow that!