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    How To Tuesday: No-Tool Nail Knot

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    Here's a quick video on how to tie a nail knot without a nail knot tool. The nail knot is most commonly used to attach fly line to backing, but can also be used to attach a leader to your fly line if you want a slimmer connection or don't like using loop-to-loop connections. This is the first installment in a series of one minute shorts we'll be sharing on Tuesdays. Feel free to comment with other similar tutorials you'd like to see!

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    Chuck Furimsky's "Chuck Nymph"

    A little-known fact about Chuck Furimsky is that he used to be in the leather industry, and he's applied those skills to one of his newer patterns, the Chuck Nymph. This unique fly features a specially-cut leather called Bugskin, which has great action in the water. You will also enjoy the story behind this fly's [...]

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    Value and quality define our Alpha series

    For well under $200, you can get your hands on the Alpha III reel, proven on predators fresh and salty. It packs serious durability, a dedicated drag, free-spool on retrieve for rapid line pick-up, and one of our first and most popular color options. Plus it fills in the sizes where the Trout II stops, [...]

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    Allen Fly Tying Hooks

    Hooks have been a core product for us since the beginning of the company. I'm sure many of you remember the days when we gave away free bags of hooks at the Fly Fishing Show! Since then, we've moved production to increase hook quality, added needle-sharp barbless hooks and a variety of other new hook [...]

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    Take our Kraken reel on your next adventure

    The original Kraken reel was more than an exploratory step into the world of stacked carbon discs and sealed drag housings. It was a commitment to a reel series that could target every fish and perform in any conditions, all at an unbeatable value. From the lightweight T6 aluminum frame to its durable, attractive Type [...]

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    Why we made the Atlas fly Reel

    Our recently released Atlas reel is starting to get some travel under its belt. Lake trout, salmon, redfish, and tarpon are just some of the species it has already tamed, and that list certainly won't be getting any shorter! We've never talked about the beginnings of the Atlas, though. The Atlas came from a very [...]

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    FLY TYING TUTORIAL: Generic Jig Nymph

    "Jig nymphs are nothing new to fly fishing, yet I've noticed that many are hesitant to take that initial plunge. During this video, I go over the tying procedures for a generic jig nymph, and then variations to enhance the pattern. Finally, the last section involves a discussion around fishing with this style of fly. [...]

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    FLY TYING TUTORIAL: Mayer's Mini Leech

    "There are many leech patterns out there, yet this one may be the fastest I've ever tied; thanks to Landon Mayer for creating this simple yet effective pattern! This pattern is a variation of his original, being that I have modified it slightly for carp...but don't forget that Landon recommends tying this in smaller sizes [...]

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    FLY TYING TUTORIAL: Cress Bug Jig Head

    "When fishing spring creeks (and other streams with water cress), don't forget about the Cress Bug! This fly is effective in many situations, and I primarily recommend fishing it in the riffles as part of a nymph setup. When tying the Cress Bug, be sure to focus on the key characteristics, as mentioned in the [...]

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