VIP Purchase Programs

For military program application, please click here 

Welcome to our VIP discount program!  Please read the following guidelines before agreeing and signing up.  Please read through our guidelines.  If you agree and wish to apply or re-apply to our VIP programs, fill out the application form below and we will contact you.

  • 1. Your discount applied through your account is the only discount allowed on your orders unless otherwise noted.  Use of discount codes or other sale prices on top of your VIP discount is seen as an abuse of privileges.  If the discount you would receive with a discount code is greater than what you receive through your VIP account, we suggest logging out of your account and checking out as a guest or under a separate account to not double up on discounts.  This also includes discounted store credit (Allen Bucks).  Allen Bucks are not to be applied to VIP orders.
  • 2.   Your discount prices and the products purchased by using them are for your own personal use only, unless otherwise agreed upon for special situations beforehand.  We have had an increase in VIP program members using their accounts to supply friends with gear.  If we suspect this is happening, we will contact you to inquire about suspicious purchases.  Items purchased on your discount are not to be resold within 2yrs of the purchase date, unless the product has been discontinued and replaced with a new model that you have purchased.
  • 3.  Your discount privileges are not to be made public to anyone.  We have seen an increase in social media comments with program members saying they get a discount through Allen.  This looks bad for us, and results in non-qualified customers demanding the same discounts.  As with any VIP discount program in this industry, we request you keep your discount privileges private and enjoy the benefits of getting great gear at a generous discounted price.  If you'd like to refer your peers who would qualify for this discount, we encourage you to do so, however.
  • 4.  Your discounts are a privilege.  This is a difficult one to say tactfully, but your place in this program is a privilege that can be lost.  We have received emails from VIP program members demanding bigger discounts or better prices.  This type of behavior will result in loss of privileges.  We operate on much slimmer margins for our retail prices than most other companies, so our discounts can sometimes seem slim in comparison to many others.  We offer the best discounts we can afford to offer, and are constantly re-evaluating them. 

If you have any questions at all, please never hesitate to contact us.



To expedite the process, have one of the following ready to send with your application

  • Digital photo or scan of a guide license
  • Digital photo or scan of business license
  • Pay stub 
  • Other forms of verification may be accepted on a case by case basis.


If you are new to the program and don't yet have a customer account set up with us, please CREATE A CUSTOMER ACCOUNT before contacting us.