Sentimental Journey

15th Mar 2014

My trips to Washington's Methow River are about the closest thing I have to something sentimental in my life. With family roots there, being where my grandparents grew up and fell in love, it's the only piece of water my family has history with. It's where my own father fell in love with the outdoors, which he eventually passed on to me and my brother.

I took a trip to the Methow last week, and got the call from my dad that my grandfather had passed that morning. While it was not good news, I couldn't have asked to have been in a better location to reflect on it.

I even got to enjoy the company of some great fish, and great friends during the duration of the trip.

- Evan Burck from Allen Fly Fishing

Do any of you have this kind of connection to a piece of water you fish?