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    Fly Tying Tutorial: Parachute Hares Ear


    "For this fly tying tutorial, I chose to demonstrate the Parachute Hare's Ear, a pattern with the capability to represent many different insects on the water. The fly was tied on an Allen Fly Fishing hook, the D103BL, which is a barbless 1xl dry fly/nymph hook (http://www.allenflyfishing.com/d103bl...). Variations of this fly can include a change in the color of the body, hackle, and ribbing; basically, feel free to modify as needed based on your natural insects." - Tim

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    Fly Tying Tutorial: Biot Body Dry Fly

    Tim's latest tutorial on our D103 HookFrom Tim:  "The newest video featuring Allen Fly Fishing hooks is now live. The Biot Body CDC Dry Fly is a pattern tied to fool difficult trout, and does so in part due to its low profile on the water. It can also be modified to represent most [...]

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    Fly Tying Tutorial: Hendrickson Dry Fly

    "My Uncle John was a guest on the show, and tied a Hendrickson dry fly on the Allen Fly Fishing D103BL dry fly hook. The fly is a classic Catskill-style dry, and my uncle discusses the pattern and other topics related to fly fishing in the video." - Tim Cammisa

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    Fly Tying Tutorial: Foam Wing Midge

    "My newest YouTube fly tying tutorial featuring Allen Fly Fishing hooks is now live, the Foam Wing Midge. This is a very simple pattern to tie, using very few materials, yet one that has fooled some wary trout over the years. Featured in the tutorial are the N304 hooks from Allen Fly Fishing, [...]

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    Fly Tying Tutorial: Tan Adams Parachute

    "Here's my newest pattern featuring Allen Fly Fishing hooks, the Tan Adams. This is a little-known pattern that gets lost in the shuffle to its big brother, the Adams (grey body). By tying this pattern with a tan body and light ginger hackle, the fly does a great job representing many insects in [...]

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    Fly Tying Tutorial: E/C Caddis (Emergent / Cripple)

    "My newest tutorial explains the E/C Caddis fly for trout, one that is meant to imitate the emergent or crippled caddis. This is a stage that many flies can get stuck in, causing the trout to focus on naturals that can be difficult to imitate. The E/C Caddis was developed by Ralph Cutter, [...]

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    Fly Tying Tutorial: Light Cahill

    "The latest fly I tied for YouTube is the Light Cahill, a classic pattern that I've been tying and fishing for over 25 years. This fly is tied Catskill-style, and carries a lot of tradition with it. I especially like to fish this pattern in faster runs and pocket water, as it floats [...]

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    Fly Tying Tutorial: Sulfur Parachute

    "Here is the newest YouTube video featuring Allen Fly Fishing hooks. The fly tying tutorial is for a Sulfur Parachute with biot body, our prime time hatch in the East that is occurring now through many major streams. The fly features Allen's D102BL." -Tim

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    Fly Tying Tutorial: Royal Wulff (By Fly Fish Food)

    New fly tying tutorial! Pro Staffer Clark "Cheech" Pierce shows how to tie a dry fly classic on our D102BL Hook

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    Royal Wulff by Fly Fish Food

    Read more on their website:  http://www.flyfishfood.com/2014/03/royal-wulff.htm...Allen D102BL hook

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