• Chuck Furimsky's "Chuck Nymph"

    15th Nov 2016

    Chuck Furimsky's "Chuck Nymph"

    A little-known fact about Chuck Furimsky is that he used to be in the leather industry, and he's applied those skills to one of his newer patterns, the Chuck Nymph. This unique fly features a speciall…

    Published by Justin

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  • 10th Oct 2016

    Allen Fly Tying Hooks

    Hooks have been a core product for us since the beginning of the company. I'm sure many of you remember the days when we gave away free bags of hooks at the Fly Fishing Show! Since then, we've moved p…

    Published by Justin

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  • 24th Aug 2016

    FLY TYING TUTORIAL: Generic Jig Nymph

    "Jig nymphs are nothing new to fly fishing, yet I've noticed that many are hesitant to take that initial plunge. During this video, I go over the tying procedures for a generic jig nymph, and then var…

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  • 25th Jun 2014

    Fly Tying Tutorial: Prince Nymph

    "Featured in my newest YouTube fly tying tutorial is the Prince nymph, a classic revered by many. I have placed this on the Allen Fly Fishing J100BL, thus turning it into a nymph more suitable for…

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  • 29th May 2014

    Fly Tying Tutorial: Sulfur Parachute

    "Here is the newest YouTube video featuring Allen Fly Fishing hooks. The fly tying tutorial is for a Sulfur Parachute with biot body, our prime time hatch in the East that is occurring now through…

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