Obey The (Saltwater) Rules!

Obey The (Saltwater) Rules!

Posted by A.J. on 4th Dec 2018

You've all heard it before if you weren't born on a salty coastline: before you head to a saltwater destination to fish, practice your casti

Mummy's First Bone!

12th Mar 2014

"The Mummy's first Bone on the Kraken #3 AWESOME reel. Smoooooth drag. Looks sharp on the flats in Miami Dolphin Teal and Orange!" - M. Phil


9th Mar 2014

Check out the size of that snook! The Kraken reel has been on patrol around Florida lately!

Bone Double!

6th Mar 2014

The Kraken reel continuing to put up some awesome fish around the world!