Take our Kraken reel on your next adventure

Posted by Justin on 3rd Oct 2016

The original Kraken reel was more than an exploratory step into the world of stacked carbon discs and sealed drag housings. It was a commitment to a reel series that could target every fish and perform in any conditions, all at an unbeatable value. From the lightweight T6 aluminum frame to its durable, attractive Type II anodized finish, the large arbor to the easily gripped handle, the negligible start-up inertia to the smooth top-end drag power, the Kraken is undeniably worth well more than the sticker price. Add to that fact that there is a Kraken available to fit line weights from 4 through 14, and you're getting much more than your money's worth whether you're headed to the Madison or south of Marathon.

Trout to tarpon, the Kraken reel series will be the best money you've ever spent for a fly fishing reel. And you'll still have money left for the rod, too.