Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures

Posted by A.J. on 29th Jun 2018

We know it's easy to forget about the possibility of nearby fishing when you don't live in obvious fishing destinations or don't pass by the fisheries with some regularity. We do it, our fishing buddies do it, you might do it too! If you don't we salute you, and we're working on the same effort!

This past weekend, I was introduced to a relatively nearby (a couple hours drive) fishery with a unique look for the area and full of beautiful trout. While it was neither pristine nor untouched, at first glance, you may not know better, and the fish are there, so I wasn't worried about it!

While I've heard that the fish tend to be quite pressured here, we managed to find some that would play along, mostly using euro nymphing techniques. However, I couldn't resist working a streamer through some of the holes, where plenty of fish darted and swiped at the streamer, but none committed. However, this was more of an exploratory trip, and I think the results of our scouting will pay off, as I think those fish will be seeing us again this weekend. I'll keep you posted!