Why we made the Atlas fly Reel

Posted by AJ on 26th Sep 2016

Our recently released Atlas reel is starting to get some travel under its belt. Lake trout, salmon, redfish, and tarpon are just some of the species it has already tamed, and that list certainly won't be getting any shorter! We've never talked about the beginnings of the Atlas, though. The Atlas came from a very simple idea: provide the drag power of the Kraken XLA in a lighter, more compact package. While the XLA was a purpose-built machine, intended to tame big, fast fish with its shifted cranking handle and extra large arbor, the purpose for the Atlas is more expanded. The Atlas is an all-purpose reel with specialized technology. While the concise drag range is ideal for fast-paced battles with tough fish, the smoothness and negligible start-up inertia are perfect for light tippet situations. Plus it's available in a new take on our popular Dorado scheme, which we're calling "Island." Whether you need a new reel for a four-weight trout rod or a ten-weight permit rod, the Atlas is ready to span the globe in search of the next fish with you!