Winter Photo Contest Winners!

5th Apr 2014

Our Winter Photo Contest ended on March 31st, and we have finally chosen our winners!  Our winners were chosen from the finalists listed on our facebook photo album, and were chosen based on our own personal favorites, as well as feedback from likes and comments.  

We will be officially announcing prizes for the new Spring/Summer photo contest soon!  We are already accepting entries, so start sending them in!

We want to thank everyone who sent photos!  Whether you placed, made it to the finalists, or not, we appreciate each and every entry, and are thankful we have customers who want to participate in our contests!  As usual, picking winners wasn't easy, but we finally narrowed it down to just a few after much deliberation.  There were more than a handful of photos that didn't place here that we still just absolutely loved.  But we wanted a variety of fish, photo types, and stories for each spot.

1st Place: 

One Icon Series rod of your choice! Choose from any model we offer!

"Caught this nice Golden Trevally on my Kraken 4. I look forward to many more!" -Koby

Koby is a member of our military VIP program and has been sending us some absolutely outstanding photos on his travels!  We want to thank Koby for sending us some of our favorite photos we've ever seen with fish caught on our gear!

2nd Place

One Compass Series rod of your choice!

"My son, Connor, caught this trout at Frog Hollow in Dahlonega, GA. He caught it using his brand new Trout II and Compass rod that he got for Christmas. Connor is 13 year old and all he talks about is fly fishing. He has gotten me, my friends and many of his friends into the sport." - Tom

We love seeing kids getting excited about the sport! This photo really stood out because of the pure joy shown for landing such an amazing catch!

3rd Place

 One Allen Fly Fishing hat

"The fish was caught in Central, Pennsylvania, on a size 12 bead head green weenie, tied with Allen's w502 nymph/wet fly hook, and 1/8" Allen gold brass bead." - Mike

We don't get to see many photos of the palomino trout that are commonly stocked throughout the east coast of the USA. This one was a fan favorite on our FB page, and we agreed that it was a great shot of a beautiful fish.