Working Toward The Future, Part 1

Working Toward The Future, Part 1

Posted by A.J. on 25th Sep 2018

Our rod series have been relatively consistent for the last several years. However, we've recently taken the opportunity to improve our rod series across the whole range, streamlining our offerings but also adding some options within our popular series. We're going to share these changes over a couple blog posts!

Our Volant series, one that has always been one of our favorites, will see a couple additional models, but will also be improved across the series. Larger tip-tops in the higher line-weights, an improved grip for better performance AND increased durability, a higher grade of carbon, and polished aesthetics are all part of this revamp.

We look forward to sharing this one soon, as well as unveiling some other improvements we're making to our line-up. You won't be disappointed!