D102BL - Dry Fly, Wide Gape, Barbless Hook

D102BL - Dry Fly, Wide Gape, Barbless Hook


Dry Fly hook with wide gape. Downed Eye,  Barbless. Standard Wire.

Finish: Bronze

Sold in packs of 25

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    Dry Fly hook with wide gape. Downed Eye,  Barbless. Standard Wire.

    Finish: Bronze

    Sold in packs of 25

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    Great Hooks

    I have used your hooks for awhile and enjoy the quality at a great price!!
    H. Eighmey

    Great hook at a great price

    I use this hook for all my dry flies and for all my soft hackle flies. I like the D102BL easy to release the fish. I've tied many years and tried every brand, this is the only hooks I purchase now.
    Matthew Spangler

    Great hooks great price

    I have used just about every hook out there, from the high priced Tiemco to the cheapest Eagle Claw but now and forever I will buy my fly tying hooks from Allen. They are tried and true and stand up to the best of the best.
    Cheryl Harper

    High quality hooks

    The hooks are sharp and strong. Pleasantly surprised by quality.
    Renegade Fly Fisher

    Best Hook for the Money

    This hook has a great gap, sharp and durable. Recommended to any serious fly tier.

    great hooks

    Very sharp and durable hooks. Extremely high quality at a great price.

    Good product!

    Hooks are good, lightweight and robust, i bought them more than twice! I am fully satisfied !

    good stuff!!! thanks allen fly fishing ...highly recommended!!!

    fish at least 4 days a week (like it best when I can go 7 days a week!) gamakatsu and daiichi hooks have been my top choice for years. fished the 102bl for over a month so they have well been tested and met the challenge!!! hooks points don't dull and hooks don't bend the two things that determine the quality of a great hook for me. love the black finish THANKS AGAIN ALLEN for the great product/hooks!!!!
    Colin Danenberger

    Great hooks at great value

    I have been tying and fishing on these hooks for about a year or 2 years. They seem to be getting better each coming year. On these particular hooks i tie anything from Catskills to Wulff flies and man these hooks hold up awesome.I am from IL and catch loads of panfish and bass with Allen fly fishing hooks.
    Balogh Róbert HUNGARY

    Barbless hook

    One of the best if not the best bb hooks I have ever used.
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