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    Heritage Rod Series

    Heritage Rod Series

    Product Description

    The Heritage Series is the result of 2 years of development to blend classic style trout rod action with modern refinements.  The mid flex action has been fine tuned to suit the modern angler.  Cast small dries and nymphs with delicate presentation, protect your selective trout tippets when the riser you were stalking turns out to be the pool boss, and discover its reserve power when more demanding casting situations arise. Presentation is king with the Heritage series, but the other aspects haven't taken the back seat.  The flex and recovery are dialed in with perfect balance.   The American tradition of trout fly fishing is alive and well with this series.


    Length Size (Line Wt.) Sections Weight (oz.) Fighting Butt Cork Grip Price
    7'6" 3 4 2.5   Half Wells $209
    8'6" 4 4 3   Half Wells $209
    9' 5 4 3.4   Half Wells $209
    9' 6 4 3.7   Half Wells $209


    Return Policy:

    With all of our rods; if you receive the rod, and it's not for you, you can return the unused (plastic still on cork) for a full refund or exchange.

    This is the weight of the complete, finished rod.  Our weights may appear to be heavier than other manufacturers, but this is because we have chosen to give the weight of the rod as it arrives to you.  This is not how many other brands classify their weights. 

    Product Reviews

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    1. Heritage Rod Rating

      Posted by Tom Hourcade on 24th Jun 2017

      I have a 5wt Orvis outfit for trout, but needed a little extra casting punch for fishing the Upper Delaware and Lackawaxen rivers. I met AJ at the fly fishing show in Pennsylvania, and tried the 6 wt Heritage in the casting pool. I was very pleasantly surprised by the performance for the price, so I purchased it along with a Trout II reel. It gave me what I was looking for on the larger rivers. After relocating to an area of smaller creeks and streams I wanted a smaller outfit. I purchased the Heritage 7'6" 3 wt, (along with a Trout II 1 series reel) and I LOVE IT! Casts wonderfully, and just a boatload of fun. I'd recommend it highly.

    2. Awesome Rating

      Posted by Chandler Stone on 28th Mar 2017

      I have never experienced better customer service in my life. I have had a couple of Allen rods and reels. Bottom line is if you have any issues, the guys at Allen will do what is required to get you back on the water and happy. This rod is perfect for those who feel the newer fast action rods don't have enough mojo for stream fishing and who primarily fish dries and nymph rigs. These are crisp and smooth with a ton of feel, but they won't give you the noodle "wobbles". Probably not the best choice for beach fishing or if you spend a great deal of time chucking streamers. But for my stream fishing, the heritage rod is money. I lost one rod off the back of my pontoon. Just bought another to replace it. These rods are awesome. You can't go wrong at this price point.

    3. Quality Stick Rating

      Posted by Alex Bauer on 8th Mar 2017

      This is my first rod from Allen (and definitely not my last). I have the 5wt which is a well balanced rod. I currently have it paired with a Trout II from Allen, but some of the others in my arsenal also paired well. When you need a delicate presentation, this rod will deliver. While this rod doesn't handle a heavier, double nymph rig (not at all what it was designed for) as cleanly as a single nymph or dry, some slight casting modifications will give you quality results. I haven't had the opportunity to huck any bigger streamers with it, but I expect it to perform adequately (similar to the double nymph rigs).

      Overall, this rod is an exceptional value and while I haven't had it for too long, the quality of the rod seems fantastic and I expect quite a few years of service from it.

    4. Impressed Rating

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Aug 2016

      I had a TFO that was around the same price point as the Heritage, but I heard so much good about this rod that I had to try it out. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that much of a difference because my old rod was in the same price range. Wow, this Allen rod is so much better. My casting with dries is much more delicate, spooking less fish. Also throwing heavy streamers has been a treat. I had to slow down my cast, but once I got a better feel for the rod, I was able to get more distance.

      Bottom line......way better than my TFO which was around the same price. I can cast dries further and more delicate, plus handles heavy streamers well.

    5. Great rod! Rating

      Posted by Shaun on 23rd Jul 2016

      I purchased this rod in 3wt and have been pleasantly surprised in its function for the price. Very smooth and predictable action, would not think twice about buying another!

    6. GREAT ROD! Rating

      Posted by Anthony Albert on 30th Nov 2015

      This is my first 4 weight rod and I can't be any more pleased! Matches up beautifully with my Trout 2 Reel in Burnt Orange! Great products as always from Allen!!!

    7. Trout King Rating

      Posted by Ellis King on 20th May 2015

      I have the 3wt and 5wt. I must say, Overall performance was amazing. I did have to adjust to the action on the 3wt. as it was a bit faster than I was used to. Top notch rod for mode range price!!!!

    8. Great Little Rod Light weight and strong. Rating

      Posted by Gordon on 31st Mar 2015

      Was very pleased once I assembled it all with the small reel I also bought. Cast sweetly and as far as my 7 wt set up with less effort.
      You do not actually feel its weight in your hands its so light.

    9. Favorite Rod Rating

      Posted by Wendi on 27th Mar 2015

      I picked up the 4wt last month and couldn't be happier with it. It is now my favorite rod in my arsenal, and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. The fine folks at Allen have really nailed it with this one, and for an affordable price to boot!
      Hooked into some beautiful Yakima River rainbows with it last week and it was the perfect rod for the job.
      Keep it up guys!

    10. My favorite creek rod Rating

      Posted by Brent Larson on 23rd Nov 2014

      Got a 3wt 7'6". I have a 5wt z-axis and my buddy has a Winston biix and we use this for a dry fly rod when switching off rowing. We both love casting this rod with small drys, even some bigger flies. It's buttery smooth and works perfect for smaller rivers and even better for creeks with tight casting.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 19 | Next

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