S402 - Nymph, Streamer, 2XL Hook S402 - Nymph, Streamer, 2XL Hook

S402 - Nymph, Streamer, 2XL Hook


Downed Eye. 2X Long, 1X Heavy.  Nymph and streamer hook.

Finish:  Bronze

Sold in packs of 25

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    Downed Eye. 2X Long, 1X Heavy.  Nymph and streamer hook.

    Finish:  Bronze

    Sold in packs of 25

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    The Element

    Strong and Sharp

    Very strong and sharp. I tied up a bunch of sculpin patterns on these for the Black Canyon. Landed a 19" beautiful Brown on one. He gave me quite a run downstream, but the hook stayed in place and wasn't bent at all when removed.
    Allen K

    Very sharp and strong hooks at a great price

    What can I say other that you can't go wrong using Allen hooks. Best value in fly tying. Every hook has been extremely sharp and high quality. I couldn't be happier!

    Great hooks

    The hooks are great, and very sharp points. They look like they are black bronze. I use them for leech patterns, and all kinds of nymphs, even dry flys can be tied on these if so desired.

    return buyer

    Have placed several orders for hooks with Allen Flyfishing- been very happy with the product, the service, and the fast manner in which they fill the orders.

    great hooks

    Great hooks, great price, free shipping , no complaints from me!
    Patrick M.

    Great Hooks

    These are probably my favorite hooks for warm water fishing. I've used these to tie nymphs, wet flies and foam "terrestrial patterns." They're sharp, strong, and hold fish well These hooks are comparable to more expensive hooks. Allen has excellent customer service, and I've never been disappointed when I've ordered from them. When I need hooks or beads, Allen is the first place I look.

    Would Buy Again!

    For the price - these hooks are great. I'm new to fly tying/fishing and have been hooking many fish on these. My first trout ever in a fly was caught using this hook dressed with a Zug Bug pattern. Awesome!
    Chuck Haroutunian

    Outstanding hooks and service !!

    I tie professionally, and I feel that you can't buy a better hook at any price. Most of the hooks from other makers are pure junk ! But, the Allen hooks are the best that I have ever seen or tied with. I have been buying from Allen for the past 10 years. You can't find a better hook than Allen. The service is outstanding and they deliver what they say. I tie approx.: 95 % of my flies with Allen Hooks. Keep up the good work !!

    Great hook

    I use 2x long for my flash back copper johns. It is great for the proportions of this fly.

    Rock solid hook

    Strong shanks and sharp points at a very reasonable price. I use these for everything from wooly buggers to bunny leeches and have landed fish as small as 14 inch stocker browns on them all the way up to 20lb kings. I buy a lot of hooks from Allen but these are among my favorites.
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